November 20th, 2009

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Today I was pretty good.

I stayed awake for all my lectures. I chatted with stats professor and made her laugh. I went up to ask about the first assessment for clarification and she said, "But you did well, didn't you?" I told her I got an 83 (A+) but was a perfectionist, and I wanted to make sure I cleared it up so I could do super well on the third assessment. She said, "Ah, right, because of the problem with the second one..." which means she remembered me, yay. I winced. She added, "You could fill out an extenuating circumstances if you rea--" I shook my head and stopped her. I told her I could never do that, because it was just my being an idiot - even if it did go through, I wouldn't deserve it. I forgot to pass something in; I gave it in late. My bad, no points for me. That's how it works. But I got her to laugh with my, "No, no, I was just being dumb! Slapped myself silly once I'd left the library and realised." I tried to ask her about the statistical procedure behind finding how many repetitions are required for an experiment (apparently it's possible to calculate a significant estimate), but couldn't find the words. It was adorable when she looked to the clock and I realised it was getting to the time break ends so I started, "Oh! Right, time for--" and she chuckled nervously and explained, "I just really have to go to the loo, and only just realised, so is it alright if I...?" and looked off towards the door. I laughed - asking permission to stop a conversation to go to the loo before coming back to teach class! I said of course of course and headed off. She literally jogged out of the room.

I swear to earth she is one of the most adorable, intelligent, compassionate people I have ever met. If I end up with someone anything like her in my later life I will count my blessings every day.

Went to the library, procrastinated a bit and started working on my bird census report with the book that Naomi lent me. Working on the table for the methods of bird census and the strengths/weaknesses. Working on something early. I am shocked.

Then I went to the practical lab. I already did the assessment, I just went through it again checking any possible thing that I was uncertain about or wanted repeated. ("Is this value supposed to be the square root of this?" "Is this the process I use to get this?" "Did I go about getting this the right way?") The people running the practical were incredibly relieved to have found someone in the room who had already DONE the assessment, and who wasn't essentially asking them for answers - even if I was supposed to be doing the practical instead. I'll do it on my own and check next time if I had questions. I also got to converse with one of them about statistics and discuss normal distribution vs. constant variable for assumptions; it was fascinating for me. I had fun!

And I handed it in a day early! I handed something in early! That is very happy. I am trying so hard this year, my loves, to keep on top of things. And trying not to beat myself up when I inevitably slip up once in a while.

Home, sick of couples, chocolate wrap, upstairs, read a children's book and worked out chords for a creepy-sounding song-rendition of one of my poems, the one about Autumn. Makes me happy and somewhat reminds me of a modern poetry Dresden Dolls somehow.

Also watched Grey's. I didn't mind the episode. Sara Ramirez singing in the background was a highlight. At this point I am just ignoring the Chief's story line because I never bonded with the character and I plainly don't want to think about it. The plus side is that I get to sleep through Thursday nights now. The negative side is the same - I'll miss the strange schedule. Also I don't know what I'll do without having a Grey's night. So foreign to me. Guess catch up on other shows.

Time for sleep now! This wasn't supposed to be a long entry but I wanted to write up something because tomorrow I'm going to Jo's after class and we're going out for Holly's birthday. I'm going to try having a rum and coke or Southern Comfort with lemonade or, who knows, try something new. I'm up for new. I'm happy to be going out. Plus, my shopping trip DID last me two weeks and I still only need to top up, so I'm at £25 give or take a few for the last two weeks, and my budget is around £35 a week.

I think it's okay for me to let loose tomorrow night a bit. Carefully. :) And then the weekend for working, writing, sleeping, playing, being. I'm really trying. It feels super awesome.
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