November 18th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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You guys my life is ridiculous. I will post things now.

ubiquitousmixie wanted a vlog, which I haven't done yet, but I thought I'd post the birthday video I did for Kimya Dawson first because it is still a video. :)

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Yes, Kimya called me awesome and I feel bubbly inside. :D Because Kimya is ridiculously awesome, and if all you know about her is her music, specifically just her Juno music? You should look her up. :) From the free choir she started up to her monthly flowetry and lack of inhibitions with taboos, the lady is amazing. - And my desktop yesterday, just because it was gleeful gazelle and silly sparrow.

Now I really need to go get in the shower because I was supposed to 25 minutes ago but it's super windy and I'm tempted not to go to my 2-hour lecture today but that is BAD. So shower, get dressed super quickly, promised Jo I wouldn't brush my hair today (so she sees what it looks like drying right from shower), grab packed lunch and go in. Lecture 9-11 then library 11-2 for typing up notes and working on enviro stuff, Buddhist meditation society 2-3, possibly more library until around 4-5, then home for more epic life.

I FEEL GOOD. (I mean, besides physically, which is oukie, but still, YAY!) Despite sleep utterly stinking in my life, I FEEL GOOD.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

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  • I lost all the pages I had saved for uke chords again. At this point I just give up. I'll find them when I think of them again, I guess.
  • Okay, retrieving the chords is more possible now. Sorting history and going for it. I will actually save them all this time.
  • Whoa whoa, yay yay, karma and spreading smiles is good. :) Got my chords back, will save them, time to upload a birthday video!
  • Cuddle buddy now please? I don't even want sex at all right now. I just want to fall asleep snuggling with someone! Eck, goes crazy.
  • I'm going to head to bed and try to catch some sleep for tomorrow. Night all. I will snuggle with my unicorn thinking of my loves.
  • My loves! Kimya enjoyed my birthday present to her! If you like videoing, send dressed up soft rock singage!
  • I slept with a leaf last night, guys. A LEAF. That makes me giggle. Off for a meg late super fast shower and ready for day!
  • It will be interesting, this don't-brush-hair-after-shower concept. Wonder how a bike ride will affect it... Down for brekky and going in!
  • I made it through lecture with minimal dozing. I am now in the library and should be working. :P a minute.
  • Scrolling through resource list for bird censusing and farmland bird index; one paper called "Second silent spring?" made me shiver.
  • I really don't exist in some of my old friends' lives any more. I should feel torn up about this right? I feel hungry. Maybe I'll cry later.
  • Until then, I am finished downloading sources for my assessment and headed off to eat and meditate at Buddhist meditation society. ♥
  • "Unfriend" is apparently the word of the year. Really, really? Seriously? That's kind of craxy. I love my friends' voice posts.
  • Also, is it bad when I'm kind of just as delighted to be un-followed as I am to be followed? I feel that makes me a bad person, but I laugh.
  • You guys Molly just broke me. She shouldn't done that. Oh my gods.Aaaaah broken flails aboutness AH! qwerty
  • Uhohloves. Someone just asked me my First Memory Story. Time to embarrass myself on the Internet again, I think. Blushes.
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And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!