November 12th, 2009

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Dear stats:

A) I hate you.
B) I hate your children (because it is statistically likely, to the 95% confidence interval, that they will be like you, and I am prejudiced).
C) You make me pull information out of my arse. It is not comfortable.
D) There is too much of you, and we are disregarding the fact that this is my own fault for putting off practicals.
E) I don't agree with your ASSessments, but I do agree that you are an ass. A real beast. I don't even feel guilty about abusing you like this.
F) Minitab, you suck; you are connected to stats which makes you worse.

Death glare of uber doom,

Dear brain:

Do not be dumb this time. Do your assessment, check it over, HAND IT THE FRAK IN! Got it? No bug dwak? I hope so, 'cause otherwise, I KEEL YOU.

Gentle kick,

Dear Kiwi,

I know you will soon forgive statistics, minitab and your brain. However I urge you to keep the grudge on the way home so you can pedal faster and get some emotions off. ;) You can forgive them when you're home and possibly working and beind excited for Grey's Anatomy! :D


With that I am going home. I give up. I've been in here since half twelve and it is now half four. WTF, WHERE did the time go?
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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It is time for my weekly nap. :)

I shared chicken wraps with Jujubean and we had a nice time bonding over food sharing.

I didn't get any further work done but I did organise a bit and realise I'm missing a packet for history and philosophy of science. At least I know in advance! Can get my hands on a copy before seminar.

Time for some soothing uke playing (so I can upload a contest video tomorrow) and hitting the sack for a nap. :3

Be back 'round 2 a.m.!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

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  • Got back from meditation society film showing, socialising with housies, now online to check stuff then meditation, reading and zonk out! ♥
  • I really need to find a good way to fall asleep when I'm not in lecture. Guess in lecture my mind is on the material and tiredness only.
  • Regardless, time to go downstairs, whip up a sandwich and cycle in for Stats. Then his & phil of sci. Then library, home work nap!
  • Finished practical 3 that I should have done 3 weeks ago. Let's see if I can get the other 3 done in good time, work on assessment. 38
  • I finished one more practical, #4. That leaves me with two more. My life is ridiculous. Secretly noshes on crisps, shh library rules...
  • I've just now realised that I often don't KNOW the surnames of the people I date. Or care. What is wrong with me? Geeze, oblvious.
  • And obviously by oblvious I mean oblivious. However, I am oblivious and don't notice miss-spells unless there is an obnoxious red line.
  • I am going home now. I have beat stats off for a while but it's time for food and jammies and goodness and cuddles. ♥ Not stats. Buhbai!
  • Nap time now! See you all near 2 a.m., or whoever's online. :) Off for some last-minute uke playing and sleepy sleeps! Tired turtle out! <3
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And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!