November 8th, 2009

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I just learned that Harry was raised to be against Halloween and nearly vetoed the (very few) Halloween decorations.

That surprises me on the two counts.

I guess because, though I don't have a personal attachment to Christmas (I would be just as happy to have our traditions occur on solstice, or the snowy day closest to new years, or another day), and though I don't believe in God or Jesus-as-Savior, I couldn't see myself vetoing a nativity scene if, say, HarrySassLyshJujubean wanted to put one up. Or a cross. Or whatever.

I think we are still all interested in decorating for winter. Does it matter that much that they are decorating for a particular holiday, and me for a season?

I don't think so. We'll see how this goes. :) While yet 'till proper decoration time anyway.

It's too hot down here so I'm closing down and heading upstairs for quiet uke songs in bed and then sleep. Hopefully wake up at 10 (if I fall asleep by 2) for an early morning.

Then write the day's words, work/write switch-combo, To Do List, whatever else.

Also, today I was called somewhat of a BNF (big name fan). It blew my head off. Mainly because I didn't really believe they existed, like mythical creatures and my third year dissertation, and second way, haha. I know people who could be considered 'BNF's I guess, but it all just makes me giggle! Reminds me of FandomSecrets. Alright back off to giggling and uke-ing and sleeping.

WINTER ICONS, YO. <3 (Can't wait for Grey's holiday episode so I can get some icons from that too--combine my Grey's collection with my Winter collection, oh ye great combining realms.)
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