November 3rd, 2009

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Growls at self.

I am trying not to be super-duper peeved and upset with myself right now. Today I planned out a post I'll make on the discussion, have thought about what I'll say in responses (it ends Thursday), finished my stats notes and finished my intro to the history and philosophy of science notes.

I just finished the week 4 notes. I saved them over the week 4 notes for Evolutionary Biology. I now have to go back at some point and re-do my Evolutionary Biology notes.

The plus: this has all reminded me to go back-up my memory disk files. I will go do that.

It does mean that I have to spend time working out the Attachment (to being done) and frustration (over the Failed Attachment), so I don't have it in me to try to work more on a discussion post. I'll see if anyone else replied (the last reply confused me, so I don't feel comfortable going after that one) and then I'll head to sleep. Wake up around 11 tomorrow, hopefully, to have some time to wake up and be a productive platypus and happy hippo. I am nervous about Environment in Practice 2 tomorrow. I always am, because I am a ridiculous rhino.

Sighs and shakes head. Laughs. My life, oh my life.
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