November 2nd, 2009

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Someone remind me that I'm intelligent enough to be in university, please?

And that I SHOULDN'T be afraid to post things in the eforum just because the top two posts are graded?

I love how one of my biggest uni!fears right now is my humanities course.

People should NOT knock humanities! Whole new thinking patterns! It's madness! It's great! It's...incredibly scary when it comes to marks on discussions, seminar reports, essays and exams!

Makes me appreciate how scientific my brain is, but how much I'm trying to widen my horizons.

It's nearly 1.30 a.m. I was bad and didn't clean up the clutter/meditate/journal/write-more-instead-of-read.

I'm going to read some philosophy of science, see if it clears up my mind to post in the discussion tomorrow, and fall into sleep.

Tomorrow I get to go on my first real BIKE RIDE, my loves! I am so totally excited! Whee! Hopefully I can get the dratted bike-lock-thing on the bike... :P
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Apparently I do not have a seminar today. Why is my life a hot dog mess? Why didn't I check my calendar before I came in?

I just spent a half an hour first slightly freaking out because no one was there yet, then fifteen minutes walking from building to building without a cane (walked in) trying to find out where I was supposed to be.

And where I was supposed to be was in bed sleeping.

Well THAT was so worth the tears of frustration. :P

Alright, well, I guess I can hang around for a half hour or I can head to the library near my house to return the books, then home to do my washing up, get my grocery list and head to Tescos.

The good about all this (which is super!): 1) I got to ride my new bike, which has been named Great Squeaky of the Forest. 2) I learned how to use a bike lock and they are super nifty. 3) I sorted out one of the posts I'm going to make on the discussion board and I only *need* to make two, but I'll shoot for more. 4) I don't have to stress how much of a numpty I'll be in seminar given my utter lack of history knowledge!

Giggles. Aaaaand I'm happy again. So off I go to the library, one of my all-time fave places! I even have some money to give in for my poor little late books. :)
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