November 1st, 2009

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I am awake before noon. I woke up at 10.

I just thought that needed documenting.

It's raining so I'm not going shopping, but it's fine 'cause I've still got wraps and pasta and soup and beans and frozen stuff and if I wanted I could stir-fry broccoli or make sweet potato soup if I wanted Tinboy to each me. So I'm fine for the food department. :)

I'm going to take a shower. I will sing in the shower to loosen me up.

And THEN, oh yes, I'm going to sit down in front of my computer and get down at least my first scene. Perhaps I'll go for my 1700 words and then work on my notes.

Regardless, I'm trying to pump myself up! Starting is always exciting and frightening at the same time.

NaNo, you are SO ON! You hear me? It's my fifth year and I'm going for four out of five wins!

Totally channelling Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" right now.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Snippit from my life that made me giggle:

[Pip and I were discussing coming out, because her daughter's friend at 13 is now realising she's not straight and doesn't know what to do.]
Pip: "When you had your first crush on a girl, did you know?"
Kiwi: "Know what?"
P: "That you were gay?"
K: "Well, no. I worked it out scientifically."
Emma: "Why am I not surprised by that at a all?"

Emma always makes me giggle. And then we joked about 13-year-old me working out my sexuality by statistics using Minitab, because we are just dorky.
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This character from Trinity has incredibly long eyebrows. Like upwards of two inches that go out of his face.

He was shaving someone else's face and singing.

I said, "Wow, that's sort of creepy! He should be shaving his own eyebrows, not that boy's face!"

Pirate replied, "Those are the sort of eyebrows you should have... you know, if you were a man."

No thank you. I'd prefer to be a Ms. Frizzle and not a man!

But it did make me giggle. Ohboy I could DEFINITELY talk with my eyebrows if I had eyebrows like that!
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