October 31st, 2009

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It's Halloween. I went to sleep at midnight last night. I woke up near noon today. I needed the sleep.

I was intending to stay in bed a bit with my laptop, shower, get ready, take my bike to the shop. It's now four p.m. and I'm about to get out of bed.

I think, yes I am a conflicted Kiwi. I have a lot to do. I have many excuses.

Mainly I've been thinking of the Going Out thing. It's easy to say no when I have all these plausible excuses--the need to do work, run errands, prepare, be responsible.

I'm supposed to be Young. I'm 19, a second-year uni students. Even the over-achieving students I meet tend to go out at least once a week.

I guess, when I erase the ideas of What Needs to be Done, I just don't feel as young as I 'should.'

I could go out tonight. It would hurt a bit, I'd have fun, I'm sure. Tomorrow I would hurt more, I'm sure I'd still find a way to have fun. It's Halloween. I could be going out, I could dance, I could meet people, I could be my social butterfly self.

I'm not sure why the idea right now brings tears to my eyes. I don't feel depressed, incapable of doing anything, even what I like, as I've sometimes felt. I know I'm approaching moon-time so I'm a bit PMSy, but I wouldn't think this much...

I guess I miss the dorky times when Halloween was about dressing up like literary characters or stereotypes (cheerleader, Rosethorn, Renaissance Woman and Mistress Hibbins/Professor McGonagall in high school) and going trick-or-treating with equally dorky friends, playing video games and noshing candy in-between.

I like going out occasionally, I love dancing, but...I definitely miss The Dorky aspect of my life I had in high school. Although we do stay in playing Mario Kart a lot here.

Hmm. I suppose I just don't want to feel that I'm being indirectly guilted into going out just because I have friends who would be excited if I did; I want to make the decision to go out on my own. Shakes head and laughs. I think what I need to do is just get myself up and ready for the day, however late!

What I need to do this weekend:

- Bike shop.
- CV.
- Write up notes.
- Start on environment in practice stuff.
- Work through stats again.
- Look at eboard for history and philosophy or science.
- Go shopping.
- Write.

I can do this! Stable stable, I'll be a grounded tree. Mmmhmm.
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And, to make everything better, my two library books are overdue. The first books I ever took out from the library, on temporary membership.

Ah, life, you just make me giggle. :P

And I can't bring 'em back 'til Monday. Looks like I'll have to go toting change! Hopefully I'm charming enough that the librarian won't think to judge. ;)
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I went to the bike shop and they blew up my tyres for free and gave me a new little screw-y thing to put on the wheel 'cause the other one broke. (As we can see, my mechanical language is impeccable.)

I am a gleeful gazelle. I am staying in with sweets and junk food. We've watched Star Wars and watched X-Factor while Tinboy and Matths played chess (we are sufficiently nerdy). We're going to watch Hocus Pocus.

I'm going out on Tuesday with Tinboy to the Rock Society Halloween Social. So I'll be going out too. :) Best of both words!

This is a good Halloween. I approve.

Also, Shonda Rhimes @-replied me on twitter. It made me smile.


I looked up at Tinboy and admitted to him, "You know, I almost looked up at you and said, "John, could you go tell John that it's almost time for Hocus Pocus?" He said, "Oh, I'll do it for you! I'll have Matt go tell Matt that it's nearly film time." Matt was also in the living room. We all were. Then it was "Sarah can go tell Harry to go get Matt and John." I fell off the couch laughter and squealed, "Drats, the couch ended, why did the couch end?!" I hurried out of the room saying, "I'm going to go tell Kiwi never to make such a stupid mistake again!" Those were some very fun moments.

Yay! The film is being prepared! Yay for chocolate and crisps and sweets!

Also, I made my first jacket sweet potato today (in the microwave because we had a gas leak a man was fixing) and it was delicious. One of my new favourite meals and so very very simple! Fills me up too. Yum yum.
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