October 26th, 2009

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My life is thrilling.

I walked into campus, found the right room for help with the cat genetics and walked in to see Emma, crush #1. Looked up to see Louise, the instructor, (intellectual) crush #2. I was a little late (it was a 9-11.30 drop in sesh), so Emma and the other girl left eventually. I somehow kept everyone laughing despite that it was maths--impressive feat. Joked with Louise as she taught me all the simple stuff I hadn't been able to wrap my head around and was frustrated with. She was impressed with my grasp of the information. I was not. But that's understandable--I am a perfectionist nerd. We know this.

Went to the usual Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science classroom. Remembered it was somewhere else, looked it up, went. Got lost on the right floor and couldn't find it. Asked around. Found the little room. It was 10, no one was there. Left to go back to the original room.

Ran into Michael Shaw, (intellectual) crush #3 on the way. Asked where we were supposed to be: back where I had been. He apologised for running late and made me laugh. I hurried to walk with him. He said, "Here, I will run ahead to see if anyone is there, you walk at your own pace" as he had noticed the walking stick.

I was the only one who showed up, hence my confusion at the empty room. Essentially I spent an hour with an incredibly intelligent man talking about what makes science science, what is 'scientific' knowledge, UK vs. US systems, plant diseases, ecology and a number of other fascinating things. On the way downstairs he asked me about why I had the cane and in one (deep) breathe I explained fractured hip during football --> a few operations --> hip replacement at 17.

He asked questions. I laughed and answered them, even giving up the information about my having precocious puberty and being put on drugs to push it off, which gave me the weak growth plates. He was fascinated by the fact that my fibula had been put in my hip. I laughed. He said, "Well, you seem very cheery about it all!" and I agreed. As we were parting he said, "Imagine the archaeological digs of the future stumbling across you and all these titanium hips!" I agreed and noted the fibula. He added, "Yes, they'll think you were part of a sacrifice of sorts!" I chuckled and said I'd have to write a story about it, he agreed (having read my Bacon poem and enjoyed it) and we finally parted. I digested the idea and approve. Perhaps a future novella as a unique way to write my strange medical story down.

Got picnic stuff, some warm things for winter and had a picnic with the birds and a rat by Whiteknight Lake. Took some videos. Read. Nibbled chocolate. Loved every moment of it. That's the sort of stuff I live for--the sun coming dappled through the leaves, reflected off the ripples of a bird-speckled tranquil lake to the tender bottoms of shivering verdant or flushed leaves. I approve. I very much approve!

It's almost NaNoWriMo. Did you hear that? IT'S ALMOST NANOWRIMO!

But NOW? Now it's nap-time. Then cat genetics, more notes, CV, bike shop research, other stuff. Excellent.

I love university. I love teachers (lecturers, professors, instructor's, assistants, students who know more than I about something, sagacious leaders). I love learning (anything--knowledge is power). I love nature. I love love. I love.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I lied, not nap time yet. First a video dump.

First video: strange version of Tori Amos' Wednesday done for Cassia.
Second video: a (dark) video of my new room!
Third video: a cover of Kimya Dawson's "I Like Giants"--if you want to hear one of my all-time favourite songs, at least for getting me back to Kiwish mindset, give a listen! It won't burn your ears, and I have some adorable facial expressions sometimes. ;)
Fourth video: a cover of Barenaked Ladies' "History of Everything," The Big Bang theme song. If you like nerdy science songs with a catchy beat and good humour, give a listen!
Fifth video: a cover of Cat Stevens' "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out," because I adore Cat Stevens and Harold & Maude. They get me through life and exams. I want to be a Kiwish version of Maude when I grow up.

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