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Kiwi Crocus
16 October 2009 @ 02:24 pm
I fell almost into sleep during Weed Biology. Jojo gave me cold medicine. I didn't realise I had an almost empty stomach.

I went up. Upup. And then...I went down. I was basically high during the practical and it was unpleasant. I was paranoid and things were slow and my head was far away, my stomach felt ick, my cognitive abilities were ridiculously impaired. I was ruddy useless and now I know next to nothing about grass (ironic, that, we were studying grass while I was high on cold medicine). Thankfully he gave us a free book so I can read through that and study the parts. I have a knack for botany so it should be no bug dwak.

I was a silly sparrow. Jojo was too. We bought chocolate and I felt a bit better.

I went through WritersCafe.org stuff since I can now magically log on. I won contests. I read old stuff. I sent a dark Poe-like poem to Mr. Dufault with ample warning, he agreed it was dark and Poe-like. I sent him a happier Kiwi poem to re-affirm my regular image. No response yet, but I'm sure he'll like it more.

I am hungry. I have stats in half an hour. It will be a ridiculous practical with a woman I don't understand. I have the practical assessment due in a week. Things will be find.

I am a silly sparrow, yes, yes I am. I am going to avoid being a moony magpie and stay alert through statistics. I will also try to stop speaking in Bird. I a grebe, I should. Drats. Fail.

(I should have worked. I didn't. Procrastination again. I NEED to nap today.)

(Also, drat you nonexistent headphones, for with you I could have watched Grey's Anatomy during my break. Now I have to wait for tonight. Woe is me, a poor fandom maiden separated from her personal joy.)
Current Mood: creativeCreative.
Kiwi Crocus
16 October 2009 @ 10:00 pm
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