October 14th, 2009

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Dear Brain,

Today you have confused me. You gave me a pleasant fandom dream--for that I thank you. A lovely Callie/Arizona dream that made me smile. However, you woke me up at 6.50 following the dream and wouldn't let me get back to sleep. I don't appreciate that very much. I haven't had to get up at that time since high school, and even then I often had a Lee class to sleep through if I wanted.

If I fall asleep during Evolutionary Biology or Buddhist Meditation, I will not be at all thrilled with you. I may keep you from reading, despite how much you want to get through the BSG book with Lots of Laura. Which, by the way, is cheating, given you haven't even made it through the show yet.

A tired Kiwi

P.S. Please support me in my time management attempts instead of telling me to watch TBBT/Glee/GA'S/PP's/DH/BSG/too many other shows. That doesn't help!

P.P.S. AAAAHHH my alarm just went off and gave me the fantods. Do you see what you have done with me? I'm a kook! This is what time I SHOULD have been waking up at, you crazy gooey grey organ in my skull. Now commence stretching and getting ready for the day.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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It kind of can't be said how much I miss headphones. I really need to sort out buying a proper pair and not another $5 or £5 pair that will go and break on me again. I thought it was just about walking to and fro, but I was wrong.

When I used headphones:

1) Walking to and from campus, or really anywhere.
2) When it's late and I want to watch/listen to something.
3) Whenever I'm in the computer in the library.
4) Whenever I want to hang out in the living-room being semi-social but still catch up on shows.
5) Whenever I'm overwhelmed and need to just get in my own little world, before meditation.

So maybe it's just 5, but that's a pretty big chunk of my life. It's pathetic enough that my life seems to be a migration from computer to computer. When I'm on a computer, I frequently want headphones to not bother anyone else. When I'm not on a computer, I love having music in my ears.

I really miss the lyrical mindset that music brings me. It inspires me not only for creativity but for academic pursuits. I'd be hooked into lastfm.com or whatever right now and typing away notes.

So yes, my dear Kiwi, you need to get this headphone thing sorted. And foo on you for not responding, Skullcandy. You're supposed to do it within 24 hours. But then again it's probably just a botch on my part and I've probably done something foolish like type my email address wrong.

Side trip to the Internet to investigate headphones. Sigh. Then on to notes and reading. And catching up on Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium, because there was only one 5-minute section of the lecture that I needed today, and of course I fell asleep during it because it was right before break and I fail at sleeping at night when I'm sick. Shakes fist at self. Pee queue!
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[. oh my god so six! .]

New Discovery:

Writing up a CV is kind of like attempting to pull my own teeth with rusty pliers and no numbing agents. Excellent! Laughs.

That said, I'm going to use my (metaphorically teethless) moutnh to go nosh on the pasta I made last night, make some phone calls, read and head to Buddhist Meditation Society early. Get to go to the Shantideva Centre! Yay yay yay!

I mean...very peaceful concent. Chuckles.
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