October 13th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. disembodied and detached, a voice describes the scene .]

I am alive and awake, albeit a bit under the woother/sicky.

Last night my family was around and it was nice. Mum and Dweeb made guacamole. Matt tried it for the first time and actually liked it even though he thought it would be disgusting. Da, Mum and I ordered Indian delivery. I'm excited to eat the rest of my vegetable korma and peshwari nan today. We said goodbye to them and I went off-my-head crazy. Cooooompletely broke. :D :D :D

We jumped on the couches with Harry playing the guitar (this is me, Sass and Jujubean). We sang. I mentioned that I can't wait for Christmastime (AKA the first of December) when we decorate the house, create the real atmosphere and start singing winter carols. Of course we commenced doing that immediately. Harry decided that we really needed to make a caroling group despite that we can't really sing together. I discussed Crapapella and decided that yes, this really does need to happen.

Then we played Chronology (which I stink at), and it was lovely. At one point the discovery of Louisiana was discussed so Jujubean tried the stereotyped accent. Then I decided to go for it. Everyone just stared at me and burst out laughing. Through the evening Jujubean requested it a number of times and then said when I did it in a less joking way (when I was reading the cards), I sounded like Janis Joplin. So I added on a few "man"s and we sang "Mercedes Benz" while Harry stared on in confusion. I also learned the meaning of Nickelodeon, which was ridiculously amazing. Jujubean said I did something different with mine and I reported that it was the inflection in the middle of the central vowels. Made me giggle.

At the end of the night I fell onto the couch and pretended to cry with all my might, occasionally laughing. I started hollering, "Paul gone took my children! We ain't married, we can't get no dee-vorce! He gone took my children! I ain't got no children!" I ran up the stairs and as Matt was pretending to be a zombie and frighten everyone (we were all on the second floor), I started crying and said it again. Jujubean burst out laughing, as did everyone else.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Hokay, so I suppose I've run out of excuses to be here. I made it through random readings, I made it through Facebook and livejournal, my crush has left and I'm only chatting with one person.

I will squash the urge to sleep under the computer table and instead head home. At least it's not ridiculously sunny like it was on the way here. I am no good at walking with sunshine in my eyes and on my face!

If only I had headphones... But I am being whiny, so I am going to pluck up myself, place a book on my nose and head home. Food and work. Work and food. I can do this.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Laughter. I'm using my old folders from senior year since Mum brought 'em over.

Let's see.

Greenhouse Crops - Rm. 104 (I think, I erased it), Mrs. Brodeur. (Green)
Pre-Calc - Rm. 1, Mrs. Quinn (Orange)
American Literature - Rm. 10, Mr. Dufault (Purple)
Spanish - Rm. 8, Mrs. Quinn (White) although Mrs. Cavanagh too! :P

I am erasing them and replacing them with my courses this year. Weed Biology done already. There are more upstairs but those will have to be for a later time.

Lyshia and Matths cooked with a lot of onion and now my eyes are stinging out of control. I don't know when I'm going to cook my tea. We'll see.

Oh! Tomorrow I get to go to the Buddhist Meditation Centre in Reading! We're doing the meditation society thing, and then we're going there as a field trip. I'm super duper excited!

Random piece of my first week:

Kiwi: [Speaking about Pip and the new hat.] "She makes strange things, which is good, 'cause I'm a strange person."
Emma: "No offence, but you really are."
Kiwi: "How could I possibly take offence at that?"