October 10th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. moving right through time. ]

What I was going to do with my afternoon/evening:

- Walk home, PJs, nap.
- Type up notes, work on poster.
- Finish book.
- Watch Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Glee.
- Start next book.
- Work through journal for NaNovel.

What I have done:

- Walked home, PJs, snacked.
- Had a house meeting.
- Played ukulele and got stiff.
- Chatted online.
- Watched uber-depressing Private Practice.
- Collected some info. for NaNovel.
- Learned my brother may visit me a day early (! :D).
- Taken a picture of my amazing new hat.
- Written a song.

I will now commence cutting for a picture of my amazing new hat (gift from Pip on Thursday) and my song.

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Yeah, seems as though I'm in a Be Here Now kind of feel. Skipping meditation tonight because Friday nights I tend to feel peaceful already and I'm knackered, in PJs and in bed already. If I didn't have to get up to switch the light off I'd probably be too lazy to switch around in bed and put my head where I usually keep it.

Soon I'll hope to put up an actual post on my first week back at uni, as well as a bunch of RL stuff like shopping, washing, checking loans, working on CVs, uni work, calling for doctors appointment and many exciting things like that.
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    Right Through Time - Kiwi Littleoak
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. i have used my wiles .]

'you are totally gonna end up being one of those lil old people on top of a mountain that everyone travels from miles and miles around to visit and seek wisdom from. i suggest investing in one of those number things they have at supermarket delis this side of the pond.'

That made me grin times ten. The visuals with that is just too good. tattooedsappho says great things.

I would love one of the deli ticketers just for sheets and geegles!
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    Right Through Time - Kiwi Littleoak