October 9th, 2009

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We're going to ignore that I'm a huge geek, okay?

I just finished my stats practical. There was an extra section just for trying out the stuff done in lecture to see if we had the program down--we didn't need to do it. I finished the rest of the stuff before the others (read the booklet, knew it well and took an acceptable shortcut), so I decided to do the extra section.

I was annoyed that I couldn't get the quartile lines into my dot plot the way the lecturer could. ...I sent her an email through Blackboard expressing my curiousity, thanking her for a few comments in the lecture and noting that she seemed a little nervous in front of the huge Palmer Lecture Theatre crowd--I mentioned deep breaths and her great speaking. (She's wonderful up at the podeum, she just seems to get nervous, end up breathless and step ahead of her tongue!) But added that I didn't mean to sound pretentious. Reiterated the question since I rambled, thanked her for her time and wished her well.

Yes. Geek. Me. Also? I am so doomed. But hopefully she won't mind the email--she didn't seem the Super Strict 'I'm trying to be a robot' sort of professor.

Anyway, it's off with me! It's Friday and I'm FREE! I think I'll head home now, get a little work done and watch Private Practice and Glee. Grey's Anatomy was great fun.

I've never been in this room before. Off with me!