October 6th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I'm proud of myself.

Last night I came up to bed, cleaned up my room a bit, lit some incense and a candle, packed up my bag, darkened my room and meditated with the candlelight for 15. 15 minutes of pure peace and serenity. It was lush. I really, really need to do this for myself. I went to bed breathing easier than I remember feeling in a long time.

I even put out clothing for today. I'm dressed in it now after giving myself a nice lie-in.

Even wrote in my journal last night. And finished the chapter in the book I was reading. It's surprising how little time this all takes yet how...grounded and centred it all makes me feel. Add writing, drawing, and uke with singing to the table and I've got everything covered.

I really need to remember this as I start rolling through university this year. It's okay to get my wheels caught on some rocks or in some mud along the way, but I need to keep calm and stay myself as that happens. It'll get me into the clear faster--and even if it doesn't, it'll mean the stops and stresses along the way are more surmountable.

I have got to stay in touch with the Present Moment as I go through this, connected to myself and aligned with where my deepest desires are leading me.

ETA - with that, I'm off downstairs to eat some breakfast, read and head out early to lecture so I can meet up with my friends before class! :D