October 2nd, 2009

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I went shopping. I had to take forever because Batgirl was at home baking a surprise birthday cake for Juliette. I bought healthy stuff, like fruit and veg. I got stuff to use immediately, stuff that lasts, variation...I made a list in advance. I'm so proud. I've been preparing meals for myself and learning from my friends' cooking. I'm itching to try a stir-fry some time soon, maybe with rice and my korma sauce. And I'm itching to do pasta with my cheese sauce and save the extra in the old Chinese cartons (plastic takeaway) for lunch.

I came home that day and made a sandwich. It tasted like independence. We celebrated Jujubean's birthday with a surprise party, and she just couldn't believe it. It was delightful. We drank and watched two of the horror films that came in the collection Sass bought Jujubean.

Yesterday we went to Freshers' Fayre for a spot. I learned that there's a new Buddhist Meditation Society and an Ecology and Conservation Society. I wish all this stuff didn't cost money to join! But apparently a lot of people just come along to things and pay for events or whatever. Stayed up later than intended last night. Watched a film. I didn't get to sleep right away.

Today I woke up too late but we were all feeling really sore and lazy. I accepted a lazy day for myself given I was busy nonstop before I left, then had a travel day and only picked up 7 hours of sleep, then went to the grocery store the next day, then into uni (20-minute walk) the day after. Was time for a rest. Been catching up on Private Practice so I can watch the one that's playing around now soon.

Food I've done:

- The sandwich.
- Banana and chocolate wrap heated on the stove.
- Salad with grapes and cheese, sugar-coated strawberries for dessert.
- Honey nut Cherios (sp) with apple slices.
- Bannas and apples.
- Chicken burger with sugar-coated strawberries for dessert.
- One bowl of tortilla crisps with salsa (doing just one bowl of that is impressive for me).

I think more that I can't remember. Tomorrow I'm going to try to make it to town to see about jobs and the library, but if I don't I'll forgive myself 'cause I've still got to unpack my room and I've got Monday off for lectures. I'll probably want to get into uni anyway since my housemates will be going in and I'll want to see people. I can ask about work studies and speak to the bursar and disability and the lot. If there are no jobs on campus then I'll head out to the hectic Reading town and see what I can find. I'm afraid. But I'll try.

Also, there's apparently "Kiwi's Twin," a Fresher people met at Circus Society named Frog. I've been calling her "the amphibian" and saying "this avian needs to meet this amphibian." She's apparently blonde with dreadlocks and hairy legs, and incredibly fun and nice. Rat for a pet. Has a dog she rescued as a puppy from India. The rat's even on campus with her. I am so going to try befriending this person. She sounds right up my ally.

Frog. I like it. I really really do.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Men men men men Men men men men Manly Men! (And foolish tomfoolery, of course.)

There is a cupboard under the stairs. We have deemed it Harry Potter's living place. There is a grey tabby cat that roams around sitting and watching people. We can only guess what fantastical conclusions I've drawn about that.

The boys invented a new game. Starting from high steps, leaning all the way down the stairs (pretty much horizontal) on the hand-rails and then jumping down to the bottom. They got to the second-from-the-top stair before they finally had the sense to stop. There was also a number of bottle bags at the bottom.

Batgirl's take? "What started this game?" My take? "A significant drop in IQ, I'd imagine."

But now I have a new light pink set of drawers (which means yay another surface!) and a backless rolling chair (meditation and rolling, win). Time for further decoration, storage and set up.

This, apparently, is living in a house with boys on the brink of manhood. Laughter.

([Kiwi, standing at the bottom of her stairs with Sass and the new furniture. Kiwi commences pulling, stars down at bare feet, halts.]
Matt: "Would you like me and Harry to do it? Harry and I should do it."
Kiwi: "Yes, well, fine."
Matt (yelling): "Harry! Come up! We have a task for men!"
Kiwi: [Raises eyebrow.] "You know, had I my shoes, I would heartily disagree."
Matt: "Yes, well, I meant it in the most unisex of ways."
Kiwi: "Of course, of course."
[Grin at each other.]
Harry: [Hustles up the stairs, speaks with low voice.] "Yes, sire?"

That is also a house with men. This is just too lovely.)
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