September 29th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Alrighty. So. The night before I left I went to Kate and Carla's Cape House for Big Doc's 90th birthday. Loved seeing K&C, C's boyfriend Les, Les' ex-wife Lori-who-is-gorgeous... I read a lot, too. I decided previous to the party that I want to live my life planning to die when I turn 80 (although not inspired by Harold & Maude) and if I make it that long have a huuuuge living funeral. Then any day beyond that is just winful fun time. Aaaand if I ever have reason to think I'll die before 80 (breast cancer, for instance, which totally wouldn't surprise me), I'll have a living funeral earlier.

Travelling. Stressful getting to the airport but fine once my bags were stored. Dinner with the parents. Waved them off after I got through security. Didn't sleep much on the plane. Made a friend named Grace after the flight as we were walking together and she was a Harry-like Christian. I let her do a prayer for me before we split ways so I could go to the Central Bus Station. She thanked God for me and my having the courage to speak with her and for my insight and prayed that God would fix my hip. (I find it ironic that I used to call the doctor who fixed my hip Dr. God, but mainly because he seemed to think he was, unlike Mr. Arrogant, who just believed he was the best thing ever. Lulz surgeons.) It made her happy, regardless, and she was a fun person.

Loved being back in England. Felt home. Got back to the house and greeted a sleepy Jujubean with "Satan sent me for your souls...?" Surprised everyone. Realised I left my purple rucksack in the taxi (with laptop, uke and stuffie) but worked it out and have them now (obviously).

Unpacked a lot, all but the trunk, and done a lot of decorating so my room looks Kiwish. I have the coolest window ever. It reminds me of Kiki's Delivery Service. I have to get an adapter/converter so I can charge my camera.

We all had a bonfire outside, burning wardrobes and such. We drank champagne and various drinks. I smiled to know we have our house together. It was very adult, but also tinged with teenagers and youth. (Batgirl: "I decided to climb out your window and put a Southern Comfort bottle at the top of the roof. I was drunk and it was dark. I also got caught on your window coming down.") I got a bit tipsy but was mainly just exhausted and hungry. We sang a few songs with guitar, got yelled at by the neighbours but it was early so we weren't too bothered, save Harry, who wants to go do The Christian Thing despite that he sent one of them to court for keying his parents' car, so they're not going to be thrilled with him anyway.

My first night was nice. Woke up early, round 8-ish. Been relaxing with Tinboy and the house mates now. Time to take a shower and get ready to go to the grocery store.

Not excited to go spend lots of money at the grocery store, but it'll be cheaper after the first trip. Going to get the things that store well/are good for The Lazy Student, etc.