September 24th, 2009

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Would you help me search for a fairy cave on an August moon and a low, low tide? (I would love to try once more, for the memories are precious.)

I love beautiful Kiwish quotes. Anyway. I've just been starting my packing (taking down my room, picking objects, etc.). It's rough. It's rough having my stuff split over an ocean and not remember what is where, but it's also happy in a strange way. I'm frightened of forgetting things but I'll always turn out fine. They're just things. I want to make Penguin of Death into a song and I may actually put music to it.

The weekend was absolutely amazing. I got there and read, geeked out with Tree's roommate Alanna who is epic, shared space with Tree and bonded, walked around, wrote... Saw Gargret. Hung around. Ate fabulous meals. Went to lectures and got to pretend I was a literature student, which felt wonderful. Spoke with professors and students. Got to feel like a student again.

I saw Kristine (podling sister, daughter of Mum's best friend, month younger than I), McSpleeny and Val on Saturday. Spending time with Kris was amazing, getting to be KK together. I called her sister a lot and it delighted her. We agreed to be sisters on Facebook. We're amazingly similar in this beautiful symbiotic way. Someday I may ask Tree to type up the letter I wrote her afterwards to put it up here.

I slept in Snoopy's closet and it was wonderful. I got to meet her Kai some more, hung around with Smithies watching baseball, experienced the library, went to a Queer Theory lecture while writing a het story that haunted my mind...

It was bliss. I'll be more stressed when my own school times come, but I think I'll be happier. I've missed having a school-oriented life.

I can't really help being a life-time Hermione.

Tomorrow I head to NH to see Neo. I'm excited. More excited for that than the Grey's premiere. I know, impressive, right? YES I love my friends more than glorified medical soap operas. Duh!

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I fail at sleeping. Bad sleep schedules stink.

Also. Today while volunteering at Stony Brook, before playing the uke, I wrote a fanfic. It is short. It is an Erica/Addison conversation. It alludes to Erica/Callie, Erica/Yang, Erica/Female OC and contains some Erica/Addison elements.

I feel my brain needed to write this. At some point I will type it and post it at erica_leaves to regain the poor, poor users who ran away due to my previous story. :P

I totally deserve the job at Stony Brook for next summer. I am a cool kid who has gone to many epic liberal hippie camps and I enjoy children (whaaaa, change!) and I'm fun and I sing and I play ukulele. I can also stand on my head for long periods of time. And whistle. And make funny faces. And speak really fast or really slow.

I have decided that I would make a great camp counsellor.

And heck no, I'm not going to argue with myself! I'm going to go to bed! Well...I may argue with THAT bit...
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I had the strangest dream.

It was a combination of Rachel Carson, but not in as positive a light (which made me sad), Grey's Anatomy, meeting with Neo and meeting with Brendon, an old elementary school friend I no longer really speak with save Facebook. WTF?

Also, a lot of it was spent on a plane apparently going no where. And it was with Rachel Carson. Apparently my mother didn't like her 'mocking tone' when she was wittily commenting on some problems she had had with organisations/antagonistic people. I thought it was lovely. She even made faces. I giggled a lot.

The only detail I remember is Rachel letting a spider crawl up and down her leg when she knew that everyone else (save me, but I'm not sure I was actually a presence on the plane) would kill it.

I'm running late for Neo's. My mother dropped my brother off instead of me. I've got my directions and my purse good to go, just gotta throw a few clothes/a brush/whatever in a bag and take a shower. Mum's in the shower now. Then I'll take off and hopefully get there before 1. Without getting lost. That would be preferable.