September 23rd, 2009

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My dreams were haunted. I can't believe I spent my weekend at SMITH writing Erica/RICHARD. Oh, the irony. I was writing it in Queer Theory lecture too. It was ridiculous.

Mainly my brain is revolving around that. Goodness, that was the hardest thing I've ever written. It was also hard because I knew upon uploading it I wouldn't get the, "That was witty, thoughtful and hot. Thanks!" but a "I can't believe you did that, I'm going to clean it out of my brain now, but props to you for actually doing it."

My eyes literally bulged out when I saw the prompt. "Richard/Erica?" I read, head spinning. "How on earth could I ever do that?"

And then I went to the fair with Snoopy, and the environment of it felt as though it could romanticise anything, even with the disgusting things I still witnessed. It was masked. Something about the laughing people, flashing lights, starlit sky and general atmosphere. I thought it was my best chance 'cause I've never been skilled with angst!fic and I've never personally been drunk, so I was positive I couldn't pull those ones off.

Shakes head and laughs. I can't believe I did that. One of my all-time favourite characters with my least favourite, all without substances, just the mind-altering presence of a fair and adrenaline. I think what I need is for the readers to clean out MY eyes, my whole brain for that matter!

At least now I would consider writing an Erica/Mark post-Seattle Grace. I can see her more taking a friends-with-benefits romp in the sheets with him as a new lesbian for some lesser fun. Definitely him over RICHARD.

AAAAHHH CLEAN OUT MY HEAD PLEASE. But I'm glad I got it done and krizzzie sorta enjoyed reading it. I think I will still have to run an apology to erica_leaves. I hope I never witness Erica/Richard again--although I won't judge anyone else who does it for any reason, I may skip over it for some Addica or Eritina. :)