September 22nd, 2009

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[A conversation shouted across the living room.]

Kiwi: "Hey Mum?"
Mum: "Kiwi?"
K: "You're not too disappointed that you're not going to get a grandchild when I'm like 21, are you?"
M: "No! Like, next year?"
K: "Whoa. Yeah. That'd be weird!"
M: "Or the year after that?"
K: "Weirder!"
M: "I want my grandchild to look like a sheet of paper that says you graduated."
K: "I'll work on that."
M: "Good. And then, if you do that, maybe you can have one the next year that says you mastered it."
K: "Alrighty. Will do."

Yup. Children, in my house, are called diplomas.

This means I'm home. Now time to watch a film as I type up and fix up a fanfic, then get through my huge inbox once more. I have so much busy ahead of me it's ridiculous. I'm reasonably shocked that I'm NOT a hot dog mess and seem to be handling my life.
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