September 19th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Last night I went to the Crackerbarrel Fair with Snoopy at random, like old times. Haven't been there in half a decade. I giggled a lot at the junior high emos wit the attitude faces and remembered being a bubblier version of them. The zipper was broken, so that was sad, and Snoopy had quite a time on the swinging ship thing, but it was great. Spent too much money trying to win stuff. Got a free go down the slide. Got posters--I picked up one for my brother instead of me.

We came home and started watching Passion Fish. She had to go halfway through. It was lovely seeing her.

During one of the last scenes I went outside and look up to the sky. I started singing Hallelujah (usually not up my alley) and the largest shooting star I've ever witnessed shot across the sky from tree line to tree line. I fell to the ground smiling, laughing and crying. It felt beautiful and right. Came back in and finished the film. I was so affected.

I wrote my first piece of fanmail, not counting Sara Ramirez's birthday message. That also made me smile.

I didn't get enough sleep. Dropped my brother off this morning. Have to shower, pack shite up and head to Smith, figure out where I stand with everything.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

Alrighty. Well, I'm packed and I'm awake and showered.

Got my directions written out and understood.

Time to head off for Smith and figure out once I'm there what my plan is for visiting UMass. Hopefully I'll get to sit in on some good lectures on Monday, and Mum was interested in my going to Snoopy's Queer Theory lecture for Tuesday, so perhaps perhaps...

I'll hopefully be back on a bit when I'm settled at Smith!