September 14th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I now have three fics due, but I don't feel like it's killing me for once.

First: Kaylee/Inara fic for the whedonland FicFest. (Due tomorrow at 8 pm, later I think in my timezone, but I'll have it done far earlier than that anyway hopefully.) No word count limit, but preferable >1001. Have idea.
Second: Gift fest for erica_leaves. (20/9) 2k words, I think, but I'll check when I start working on it. Noooo idea what I'm going to do. Was trying to start a story for a couple I would never have conceived, but that's just not going to work out, so I'm stuck and have to figure that one out.
Third: Marriage Challange for the_browncoats. (5/10). WC: 2k I think, will check later. Idea beginning to formulate.

I am so tired. I'm going to go work on the first and then zonk out.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my old Geometry teacher from freshman year (Mrs. Smith) after school at Panera. I have to make sure that at some point in the day I go through my mail.

My calendar is getting full. It's exciting but also frightening. I can't wait for this weekend.