September 9th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Today I woke up at the arse-crack of Early and drove my brother to school. :) The nap didn't work so well but I tried!

Visiting with Sherri was nice. We discussed everything. I was a chatty mouth. She almost swallowed a chicken bone. Good times.

Playing uke for a few minutes parked by the football/soccer fields, perched in my boot/trunk was also nice. I thoroughly enjoyed having just some goof time to myself not stuck up in my room! Need to remember that.

Coffee with Sonja was fantastic. We discussed some hard things (the whole Teacher Problem at KP/KPN) and some fun/fabulous things. Lots of fun and reminiscing and teacher talk, which was lovely!

I sat down and realised that I very much miss the days I used to be able to just sit down and have stories rush out of my fingertips. Stories of any kind. Most days of high school. The whole 'don't appreciate it 'til it's gone' thing, I guess, only that's not true--I appreciate it every day I have it! So it stinks even more when my muse leaves me, given I generally appreciate her for her trustworthy and supportive existence! Ah well. Hopefully it will come back to me soon or I'll have to force myself back into it with a few really bad pieces. Or crack!fiction. Who knows!

I'm going to read and try to sleep, because I am totally wiped. Here's to hoping I can wander back into reading and writing!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

I read last night and had a "conversation" with my "muse." That felt nice.

I got a good amount of sleep but I'm still knackered today since I wore myself out yesterday on very little sleep. My stummy is not a fan of me today and my voice left the body-building. Head is crackling at me painfully.

But! I'm alright! I'm pretty happy! Although I had to turn down Chinese lunch with my grandmother and dropping Shaya off/hanging out. It's probably best I didn't do those things, even though I don't like turning down people and events.

I'm going to read more and see if I can fall into a nap. If not I think I'll move this party into the living room and be a couch bum with some films, snackies and my muse. Yawn!