September 1st, 2009

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This post is to say... holy fricking frak!

"Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know officially that your nanowrimo entry ( made it into the LiveJournal anniversary anthology. We just received a proof copy of the book in our office and we're so happy with it—the book is beautiful and your post looks great.

Right now the book is slated to come out in October, so be on the lookout. It will be for sale through, a print on-demand publisher ( I'm very happy to tell you that we're going to be able to give each contributor a free copy of the book (in addition to the promised LJ gift certificate)! We're still working out the details with Blurb of exactly how that's going to work, but I wanted to let you know that it is in the cards.

Thanks for all your help and your amazing contributions to LiveJournal (and the book!).

Best regards,

The LJ Editorial Team"

Win win win! Cha-ching! I am so freaking stoked. It wasn't even a great post, but yay, this makes my life! Given that I've been obsessed with livejournal since I was 13 and I'm 19 now, so wow seven years of my life!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Hokay so. Lalalalala.

Today was failsauce, save my last entry.

I have done pretty much nothing. I tried to record a little, but my voice decided to hate me. I didn't attempt drawing. Writing has just...not existed. And I'm beginning to worry, because I owe a story soon for a fest and I need to get that part of my brain re-booted. Eck. Worried Kiwi is Worried.

I think for my general sanity I need to start reading, writing and drawing again. And playing actual ukulele for enjoyment. I used to be a creative person. I used to have things together. I could start that up again, no?

Tomorrow may consist of visiting Stony Brook Mass Audubon Society to see if they have anything I can do for them, visiting Dunkin Donuts to see if I can steal the job from them, visiting the cafe in the centre of town to see if I can charm them into training me as a future worker or something and then looking up temp agencies. I don't know.

I can't help but feel very...discouraged. It all feels so moot and useless. Going to Maine this weekend is also up in the air. My grandmother misses me. I love her, but she's crazy.

I don't know. To quote a terrible quote from a film in which the character is quoting another character in a mocking tone... "The only thing you know is that you don't know..." ('Well, I want to be with someone who knows she wants to be with ME!' bla bla.)
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A) Today I was taking a shower and my mother knocked on the door. "Tell me this would kill someone." She fork-fed me brownie mix as I hid behind the curtain. I said, "Mmmm. That would kill someone. So feed me more." I got another forkful. It was bliss. I needed chocolate and a shower and a bit of a reunion with my mother. (And yes, it may be strange that the reunion was while I was showering, but we're a strange family--you get over it eventually.)

B) It's September! While I was skyping with Tree she informed me. So I hurried to my calendar and changed it (instead of the week-late I usually do)'s Erica Hahn's month! And I kissed every picture of her on it because I'm a creepy fangirl and she's a wonderful fictional character.

I think I made the promise to myself months ago that when I got to Erica Hahn's month, I would make like Erica Hahn. far, I fail. I need to not fail. Because I don't fail!