August 31st, 2009

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I'm so wiped.
Not unpacked or anything. Came home, caught up a tiny bit.
Watched an episode of Carnivale and drew the sketch and then lineart for the ArtXChange thing due tomorrow.
Have to scan tomorrow and then figure out how I'm going to colour.
I'll probably have to resort to my old Prisma colour pencils 'cause I don't remember at all how I used to do my digital colouring, and it was with programs far better than Paint.Net, so...that's probably going to be a no. Wow I was cooler at 14 when I was all good at digital media. Pfft. Failsauce, Kiwi.

I'm on my moon. It is vexing. I ouch sometimes. I'm going to read and crash.

(1) Scan picture.
(2) Colour or colour and rescan, send.
(3) Get dolled up.
(4) Record 50 Facts for Youtube with silly hats and stuffed animals.

(5) Attempt recording Love is Right, the water park song and Flamingo City. Or one of those for an accomplishment. Introduction to ukulele.
(6) Work on Accidentally in Love or another of the "close" covers.
(7) Go through inbox.
(8) Get in touch with some people - Katie, Snoops, some teaches, Attiya, other professors, etc. Or at least pick who or something.
(9) Organise my list for the television swap.
(10) Write back to my new penpal.
(11) Drive somewhere. Anywhere.
(12) Call Derek/Laura/Whatever just to be a hassle.

(13) Read.
(14) Try to watch things to get them off my comp.

(15) Apply for a scholarship. (?) At least sort some.

I think that about covers it. There's no way I'll get all that done tomorrow, but at least it's down in a list. Alright. NOW I get to set up my bed and prepare for sleep. Although...where the fook is my sheet?

Lulz, that sounds like I'm saying where the f is my s all creative-like. Pshaw. I need sleep.

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