August 30th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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We're stuck in Virginia longer.
Creativity has been falling out of me in waves lately.
I wrote a fun Kimya-like song about the water park a few days ago.
Today I wrote a song about ignorance and love
a nonsensical Tori-Amos'-Mr.-Zebra-like poem/song about "Flamingo City"
a song about the ocean and dolphins and sun.

So I need to get my arse cracking about recording and uploading. Shake through the nerves!
Need to work on some covers too.
I half think all the new songs are my brain's way of telling me I'm nervous about attempting more covers. :P

I also need to do my picture for the ArtxChange whateverthing and now I'm going to be late because I'm down here extra time. This is karma telling me, 'Kiwi don't procrastinate!' and I will probably once again not listen, because my skull is thick.

I'm expecting my parents to wake up any moment and ship my sleeping brother and me into the car for our trip.

I'm going to go insane because I haven't washed my hair in a bit and my scalp is itching like crazy. I may have to dunk myself in water somewhere. I don't know. Crazed scratching.