August 21st, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I went to sleep around midnight. I woke up at 6- or 7-something.

Primary Colors was great. I didn't think a film political in nature would affect me as much as this one did. 'course, it's a plus that Thompson and Bates were in it.

Gonna call Brad to see if he'll drive down my futon pad and then I'm going to take a little nap, see if I can catch some extra sleep.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

For the record...

When I die, I want my memorial service to go something like this:

You know, after the living funeral (if I pull it off).

'cause you know it isn't a service for me if you haven't pulled my leg. A humourless memorial service is not one *I* would want to participate in, and I would never consent to my own occurring without laughter!

(And people should wear funny hats. I approve of funny hats.)
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Red Doors was fantastic. I love how simple the lesbian plot was within it, as if they were all just another part of the gang. Which is true.

Yesterday at Target Snoopy and I heard a child (young, still with the toddler voice) say "fucker!" and heard the mother stutter, "I don't know where you heard that from, but never say it again! It'll get you in trouble!" We couldn't stop giggling. The child said it again.

I am a blob. My mother thinks there is something terribly, catastrophically wrong with me that's making me a jerkface. No. I am PMSing up a storm and I hate travel days, before we actually leave.

Also, Brad Junior is a meanie. I accidentally called him today and he talked to me like a jerk. I didn't appreciate it.

Is everyone just super cranky today? Because I have had no luck with people being pleasant on the phone.