August 14th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Films .]

I am making it through Private Practice. A few episodes into season one I started doing post-episode fic chats between Addison and Charlotte. I don't know why I do things like that. I did a lot of Addica chats about stuff that went on in previous seasons of Grey's, too. Why do I love dialogue fics so much, just of digesting events and expressing mostly non-romantic feelings?

I watched Bar Girls yesterday. Lesbian comedy. I yelled at the screen and laughed and laughed. It hit so many of the stereotypes so well.

I just watched A Girl Thing, with Kate Capshaw. It's funny what I notice now. The similarities between Kate and her daughter Jessica. Many of the same facial expressions (the token 'concerned' face is very similar with the arrangement of the mouth but mostly the way the eyebrows and eyes look). Their eyes are remarkably similar, certain tilts of the head and body movements that I notice--just small observations. And the voice, just how they express things. Of course I'm looking at the characters too but there are discernible manners unique to the actresses that shine through even through characters, with a close enough eye. It was just interesting to watch! I enjoyed the film as well. I like that they portrayed an easy-going, strong, comfortable bisexual woman.

(I also noticed once again that lesbian films recycle actresses. This one had a number of actresses from Truth About Jane, for instance. Not that I'm complaining! Had two of my favourite women from it.)

Watched Oranges are Not the Only Fruit too. Was a pretty good filmthing. Loved that it had strong characters.

Going to watch Blow Dry now. I haven't heard of it before. I'll take the pooches out in an hour for their night-time potty trip.

I also joygasmed over cheddar cheese powder on kettlecorn popcorn. My mouth just started watering again. I love that--watching a film about lovely lesbians and the sex they have, and what does my body want? More popcorn.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Blow Dry .]

I finished Blow Dry. It was beautiful. First of all, even as I am completely gay, Alan Rickman is one attractive, soulful man.

He played a man who was left by his wife for his model the night before an important hair styling contest. It dealt with the lesbian relationship, parenthood and getting back together to form a family again very well. It was incredibly touching for a film superficially about hair contests.

I think this one is a keeper.

Also, Natasha's voice as Shelley gives me the shivers. When she said, "Never been better, love, never been better," at the end of the film, my heart melted.

Ever have those times that you come across the type of voice you know you wouldn't mind waking up next to every day? Brooke Smith and Maggie Smith are a few of my other examples. Well, that's what it felt like.

If I end up with some women in the future who sound like Natasha Richardson, my my, I will be a happy little lesbian. Grins.

Also, I got called pretty today. That still makes me happy to hear. I believe I'm pretty--sometimes it's nice to be externally reminded! Laughter.
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