August 9th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Vid-ee-ohs. .]

One thing that I want to make sure I remember about my trip with Cassia and Kitty is how much hugging we did at the end. We kept going in for seconds and thirds. It was beautiful. And the fact that we called Molly to blow her mind.

Today...I woke up, went to Dennis', marvelled over how bad someone can be with a computer, picked up the $100 and came home. Read and zonked out, woke up near 5. Ate and helped clean a little. Attic adventures with Dweeb aplenty. Also picked up chairs from the Redman's and saw them for the first time in forever. They all really want me to go to Virginia Beach.

I worked on videos. I got up the one of Snoopy and me cooking. Also finally put together clips and music to make an introduction-video for vlogs and vids on Youtube. I love it and keep watching it too much just for the lulz. Finished the Papercut Zine Library vid. of the trip in with Cassia and Kitty. Finished the "How Not to Pack" video pre-Falcon Ridge and it's publishing, then I'll put it on Youtube and wait for it to process.

Until then, here are the videos that already made it on Youtube:

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The end! Tomorrow, church in the morning (if I'm awake and alive), partial death pre-party, death at the Family Shindig (but Snoopy will keep my soul around, hopefully) and resurrection post-party. Look at that, it's like an exam!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Drats you, Snoopy, for getting me hooked on books.

What was supposed to be a bit of reading and zonking out turned into finishing the other half of the book.

I'm going to be a zombie for church tomorrow. At least that means I'll be more agreeable, if not brain-gobbling.

But that won't be a problem with YOU, will it, you'll make me starve! Shakes fist, cackles and throws spoon. Lousy best friend, late night and obsessive reading, grumbles... I love you!