August 7th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Great big smile. Today I felt like I had an actual purpose. Silly that the prospect of a job can do that to a person living as a bum. I may work at Dunkin Donuts if I can pull this off, because at least it's SOMETHING.

I listened to burningeden's blogaudiotalkthing (I'm a techie, can't you tell...?) and it was fantabulous. I had a great time in the chatroom as well.

Tomorrow I get to see joyitude in Boston. I may have to stay around Boston for a while into the evening to wait for my mother or something, but I don't know what's going to go on with that. Regardless I'll have fun.

I'm excited for that. I'm happy. Today was a lovely day and the weather as I drove with my loud music (LOUD MUSIC) was amazing. Pleasant time with Shaya and co. (including the fuzzies).

Going to try to write a parody song about Arizona (geek alert) and go to bed. I'll see if it'll flow again. I swear I need to carry around a tape recorder or something.

Early morning tomorrow!

Peace be with you. Love, a happy Kiwi and Family.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Terrible night's sleep. I went to bed on time to get good sleep AND my morning meeting was cancelled so I had MORE time to sleep, and it was STILL terrible. Jerky and tossy and gross.

DCav, you need to stay out of my dreams. And not be a creeper. Quote: "Oh, I'll just die and start over." "Er, that doesn't really work, does it?" "Oh of course it does! How do you think I've got out of all my dark times before? Now please, hold my tongue." DEAR MIND: THERE ARE NO START OVERS.

Also my tongue is blue from mouthwash and I'm going crazy.

Thanks, brain. I owe you one.
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