August 2nd, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Kayleeeeee .]

I have watched Serenity-the-movie-pilot and 4 episodes of Firefly today. I am clearly made of win.

I am also in love with Kaylee and so freaking happy that before even watching the show Tinboy thought that I should cosplay as Kaylee, because he thought I was like her and could pull her off super well! Yippee!

This story that I'm writing is also turning into a much longer one than I intended. It's also a weird story. I don't think anyone will even read it! Weird-arse RPF. It's, like, AU RPF of weirdosity. Laughter.

I have to go to sleep, methinks, given that I have to be awake tomorrow at 8 so I can go to church at 9 so I can be part of a service at 10. All those times are before 12. Ohmigods! What will I do?!
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