August 1st, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. I have to push the pram a lot .]

I need to connect with people right now.

But people are confusing me. And I'm not incredibly witty right now.

So... I think I'm going to dance it out. And then roll around on the floor laughing over irony, probably with Monty Python in my head.

Sure. That works. :D
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Without stumbling as we walk into our future's wake .]

Photo Meme

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you’re interested in or curious about. It can be anything from my favorite shirt to my cell phone. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, and I’ll snap the pictures and post them as soon as I can.

No limit on requests. No limit on the sillyness/weirdness of the requests. Go for it. Normally all I have to picwhore is myself, so any directive to display something else with my eager camera is wonderful. They just won't be good pictures. :P I'm no photographer.

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I was tagged by two people in the end, so I thought it was about time I did it!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. RL LOL + CLN NTS .]

I don't remember if it was last night or the night before, but Willis, Toast and I were watching Four Rooms.

I snorted a few times through the film. Then at the end in one corner I was thinking about life as I watched Jennifer Beals walk around in a robe, towel and HEELS and Jennifer Beals getting bumped and swaying tipsily and all this silly physical humour, and then...I was laughing. Really hard. Uncontrollably, rolling around, practically crying, clutching my stomach laughing.

My mother says, "And NOW she finally laughs." My friends ragged on me for being weird. I just laughed and laughed at irony and life and the film. Just everything.

Now if I can just work on not being afraid to go to sleep out of fear for the concept of 'tomorrow' and stepping closer to things that COULD wrong that normally don't... I'd be set. :3

Also, it's a little unnerving to have all these dead and dying ants around. Part of me is crying for the death and part of me is going 'ewww ants on my foot and arm and head!' and part of me is going, 'Must clean! Everything must be in order. No dust or ants, everything in order, must clean...'

The last voice is new. I think I'm going to get it a muzzle. Shakes fist at Snoopy.
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