July 31st, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Bloggety blog .]

I have seen so many blogs today and yesterday it's ridiculous. My mind is exploding.

Lesson learned: try to spread out non-stringed multi-partner swaps.

Now, how many times will I have to learn this lesson? :P

I'm doing the final three tomorrow and going to bed. Before 3 a.m. It's shocking, honestly.

[Awwr, but ratings like the one I just got as I was typing this make it worth it. I'm glad I took the time to read at least five entries and leave substantial comments. No wonder this is taking me a while.]

[I should also use blogspot more often. Have one...people tend to use them a lot, it seems!]
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Neener .]

It's funny playing editor to my parents' writing. I edited my mother's testimonial for NCAS Learning Centre, where I used to go to SAT classes and then tutor. Attiya (who teaches English) also supported her in this decision.

I just edited a promotional email my father is using to inform companies about his new spreadsheet software. I went back on a few things my mother had edited. :P I enjoy stylistic things and transitional phrases while she often wants to red-cross everything. It's all about decisions! Writing doesn't have one pure-cut way!

Also, in other news, I am going to show the breadth of my maturity.

HEY--HEY SNOOPY! Mr. Grover called my hou-ouse. :P And he talked to my father for like a half an hour about random things like good old friends! And it made me giggle.

Neener neener neeeeenerrrrrr. :O Cackles.

In other news, I have too much to do: eBay descriptions, blog swap shite, applications and hygiene. Eww hygiene.

ETA: And who is on the phone with my mother now? Oh, gee, that'd be MR. GROVER! Pshaw! He's popular in the household today! Rant on about the American economy, my dears! It deserves all the ranting!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Booooo-op! .]

I have three hours to write up the eBay descriptions. Why do I procrastinate ridiculously?!

Tuu Duu: Lincoln Grease Gun; Hoveround Electric Wheelchair; Bruno Curbsider; Tascsonics Parts Cleaner; Robby Jr. Vapor Cleaner.

Time to boogy. I'm sure I'll get them done in no time.

ETA: Apparently there are five, not four, as he thought. So I'm doing five. Whatever, one's done, so it sorta is four!

All set for now!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Quest, a Grail .]

I have a new life-long quest for myself.

I am going to be my own 3 s's:

Sexy (later in life sensual), silly and serene!

Realised after a few comments on a post I made in erica_leaves. e_l, bringing you personal enlightenment since Post-Brookegate.
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