July 30th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Philosophy at Midnight .]

In the same blog I just read an interesting story of myth. I'm not well-versed so I won't even try to tell it well or with names.

One ruler once fed human flesh to his horses, so that they might become beasts to protect him and beasts to use on conquests. When he was at last defeated by the stereotypical hero, the hero fed the man to his own horses.

I was thinking of the life!parallel as I read it. Apparently so was the blogger, because she wrote down what I was thinking.

I thought that it seems as though the horses, when taking the story as a life metaphor or whatever that literary term is that I'm currently forgetting from pure exhaustion, are a culmination of our negative thought energies--anxieties, nightmares, fears of certain events, negative thoughts of what could be, the unpleasant 'what ifs.' I keep feeding them and feeding them the very material that makes them so dangerous.

I feel as though it is that action that creates my doom, not the actual EVENTS--the hype to the events, the fear of varying levels. The only reason these things eat me is because I feed them negative importance, make them weigh more than they should, give them more power than they should. I am feeding my daemons daemonfood and so they grow stronger and able to eat me, for I become the daemonfood that takes over my mind, until I will be consumed.

So basically what I need to do is make my horses anorexic (I'm sorry horses) and stop feeding them negative mind waves.

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