July 28th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Flowetry .]

Kimya Dawson does a Monthly Flowetry on her livejournal--a haiku about her moontime. I did one today 'cause I started my sanguine series at Falcon Ridge.

Hear favourite songs
Of beloved band on stage;
Wince and watch with smile.

I was cramping, yo! Shakes head and laughs.

The evaluation tests went well for me. I passed with flying colours. The interview ended up being just telling me that I was excellent and bright, then, oh, how much you looking for? Anythinggggg, minimum wage is fine, it's still freaking money, which is more than I would have if I didn't get a job! So he laughed and said that was a good thing then. We chatted a bit and Mum and I left. Visited Kate and Alan and the cats.

Dweeb had his nerd friends over. First they played Starcraft. Then they played Tortoise and the Hare or something and kept talking about "munching lettuce" and "I have too many carrots!" and I was like, "Augh, what the effers, I boycott maths in the summertime." When asked to join I remarked that I am not a fan of vegetables. They moved on to a different computer game and then a puzzle.

Before the puzzle, we all seriously considered playing Zoombinis, and we would have if we could have found the CD. We were also tempted to play Mathblaster. Talked about oldschool games. It's ridiculous how nerdy my household is.

I have chocolate. I have responsibilities tomorrow, but I have chocolate today.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Rambly First Voice Post of Doom .]

1021K 5:09
(no transcription available)

I love the fact that I went over.


Because when voice boxes have a limit for messages?

I hit the limit. Always. But usually I'm cut off saying something pervy.

Apologies for 5 minutes of absolutely nothing!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Falcon Ridge .]

I am making myself post on Falcon Ridge before I forget about it all.

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Alrighty, so that's pretty much the story!

And now Makuchan has IMed me for my next friendship experience! Hope she's okay. Offered to talk on the phone or pick her up if she needs it. We'll see how this goes. Done now!
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