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Kiwi Crocus
19 July 2009 @ 03:28 am
Crackerbarrel with Kate and her boyfriend. It was lovely to see her again, given I haven't seen her since Autumn semester at uni.

Makuchan brightened up when we were back at her house. We watched a film that made me happier than I felt days. Weeks maybe. I don't know. It was peculiar but lovely. I belted out the lyrics to some old favourite songs as I drove home, and for one half of an hour things didn't feel so bone-crushingly frightening. It was so peaceful.

Watched Aliens 2 with my brother and father. Lovely bonding time.

Tonight I got some stuff done. Cleaned up the living room, compressed most of the videos on my lappy, went through my inbox, filled out a lot of one of the applications but on my computer instead to copy it later. Most of the information on all the applications will be the same anyway. Wrote a draft email of the one I'll send out to my congregation saying that I'm open for odd and end jobs. Emailed Malcolm back with the cheque information when he agreed to help me out. Emailed the landlord to tell him his money will finally be on its way soon.

I won't be able to check off "try to sleep at a reasonable time" because I didn't even try, but...I'll check off other stuff when I go upstairs. Cleaning up my room, charging my camera batteries.

Tomorrow is the Cape with McSpleeny, Ant and Barnaby (I think that's it) to visit Pantaxi at the Cape for a belated birthday gathering. And a fair in the area. It should be fun. I'll try to remember to bring my camera.

Other things to do soon: finish writing the fanfics I wanted to for the femmeslash kink meme, finish filling out my applications, deliver my applications, shower, write my Interweave speech, finish Perdido Street Station, call Lisa with a few questions about references and terminology and call Natwest to get them to give me my stupid customer number.

I'll be tired a bit tomorrow, but whatever, less fear is better! G'night, my loves! Thank you so much for being around! You make me happy. Even when I don't know you're there. So thank you!
Current Mood: relievedRelieved.