July 15th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. When Not at Midnight Showings... .]

I finished watching the first Harry Potter film (on my laptop) and doing some cleaning.

Left a video on joyitude's Facebook because she had been leaving videos places and it reminded me that I've always wanted to try it but never had.

So then I decided that because I wasn't going to the midnight showing, I would make a vlog. I did. Apologies about the beeping. It happens sometimes, doesn't happen others! Tricky and obnoxious!

I got some good stuff done today at the end.

Still have to: get cheque out of get Unc to do it AKA figure financial stuff out with Mum; put up my decorations (which are on a surface, so I'd get another surface back!); go through everything in my room for giveaway stuff; vacuum; scan, write and draw!

I've got like four more prompts, three from the femmeslash kink meme and one from a comment a long time ago. But even if I miss the deadline I'll finish the prompts, just because I'm the kind of person who needs to finish things. Even though they're RPFs and most people won't ever read them anyway. :P Writing is the fun part.
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