July 14th, 2009

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[. Too Much .]

Snoopy picked me up after work. We went to Target (which disappointed me--no good clearance, always a hit or a miss, and cute bras don't exist for my size) and then the supermarket. Shopping was entertaining. We bought funny cards.

Back at her place I videotaped us making dinner, which was entertaining. We watched an episode of the L Word, I played ukulele and then there was drama. She is in a wildly uncomfortable and complicated situation.

It was still a nice evening with her. I have missed My Person, my best friend! We talk online when I'm in England but of course it isn't the same as sitting in her room together as we've been doing for years. Better than my room, which is nearly almost gross--previously from choice and random cleaning sprees that didn't last long, now from being overwhelmed with all there is to do.

I have to make a choice for what I'm going to do tomorrow night. Try to finagle into Harry Potter (would probably fail), go to Hell for Katie's belated birthday or go to Mira Bar, where Snoopy is banned anyway, for Jason's birthday.

My room freaks me out. I want to scrub it down because of the insects and stuff but...gods, there's so much stuff.

It was intimidating to walk into my room with two suitcases and two carry-ons and know that I had with me everything that I really needed, yet walk into a room already filled with stuff. And it doesn't help if I decide to give things away, because then it just sits around in a pile for a while taking up space in my room. I have two giveaway piles. Now my bed is double because it's got the real futon mattress so that takes up space as well. A desk and two drawers.

I think what I really need to do is get the surfaces cleared. That's one thing that was vital in England for organisation. It's just frustrating because for a year I've been using the same small room and organising things the same way. Now I'm in a new room--and even the old stuff I had as far as furniture I moved around--so I've got to find a new way to keep everything. It's daunting. And there's still so much to go through and get out of the house. I'll have to write up a to do list of sorts to see that I get stuff done.

Also need to not slip like I did tonight with eating too much when I'm not hungry. I used a sandwich as a reward needlessly. I should save food for when I'm hungry and never eat beyond when I'm full, which is not a great deal. I've been really good until now. Need to get back on that and not let the slip last longer than it needs to.

I'm tired so I think I'll just head to bed. Hopefully be up around noonish tomorrow to start on more stuff. Egads. But home is nice.
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[. Finished One .]

I just finished my first full song ever. I've been writing songs since I was 13 but I never had an instrument that could go with singing.

It's a super sad song about the passing of someone special, though, so the celebration has to be a little subdued. =[

But it's nice to know that at least I have the capacity to figure out chords that at least sound good with my own songs, even if I'll never be able to do it with covers or anything.

I have seriously been waiting for this moment since I was 13. I feel like this is a huge thing off my Bucket List, even though it's only one song.

They need a Bittersweet mood. So I'm using "curious" and rewriting it.
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[. Harry Potter .]

I miss my television and DVD player. Why did my brother have to break the first and steal the second?

Sigh. I used to put on a Harry Potter film every time I wanted to clean my room, and I'd quote the whole thing through as I watched and cleaned.

I am overwhelmed and drowning in my room.

I want to be watching Harry Potter tonight. =(
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