July 13th, 2009

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[. Writing and Fests and Films .]

I am awake at half five writing femmeslash smut. Yes, yes, this is the summer.

I also just made another crazy decision. I joined polybigbang with Grey's Anatomy as my fandom, although I made it clear that the new HP film may sway me over to Harry Potter, though it will probably stay GA's. (I have another long fic WIP for HP, after all.)

I'm considering trying to promote that in the Grey's communities, given there has been interest expressed in threesome exploration: Callie/Ari/Addie and Callie/Ari/Eri and Callie/Eri/Addie, so yeah! Plus, somebody's got to even out all the bandom fics that will be going up for that fest!

We watched Big Fish today. I adored that film. I had all sorts of thoughts I wanted to share from what inspired me to consider with my life, but I'm not sure I want to go through the effort of thinking it all up again and typing it up!

Basically it reminded me that I really want to work on the art of spoken stories, because they're so different from written word stories and so beautiful in their own right.

I was also reminded that that's the way I want to be remembered and a similar fashion to the way I wish to go--all about the story and the community I stirred.

I pictured my deathday. I want to be around 80 and I would love to die on my birthday (this was prior to Harold and Maude, I admit with a chuckle). I've wanted to die on my birthday since I considered the concept of dying and, beyond that, MY death. I would like my birthday to be the day people remember me and think of both my birth and death, rather than splitting up the two into two bittersweet days. I would love it to be a full circle.

Haha. I have fantasies of my own death, so bizarre! Dying on my birthday, a nice round age...that sounds wonderful.

As is writing 3250 words of smut in one day for the First Annual Femslash Kink Meme.

We're going home tomorrow! My stuff's in my room, all ready to go.

I also have the terrible urge to turn this icon into one with text that involves writing not-safe-for-work stories. Snork.
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[. Get your kicks on Route 66 .]

I just spoke with Jenny from Rowe in a Facebook chat.

It was so beautiful. A Rowe conversation. I'm remembering chapel, time in Lee, time running around with Jenny and my new little vibrator pretending it's our child and introducing it to everyone, time in the orchard and grokking and ghost stories...

She told the story of the last night, or one of them, one of Loony Lee's raids on Horny Henry, our brother cabin. Jenny and Arah in the wood path trying to beat Jesse home, stumbling into the Girl in the White Dress and running back to the Rec Hall until they were on the yard peeing their pants.

Rowe is just one of those places where anything is possible, anything is believable, because it's magic.

I miss the ghost stories of Rowe. The supernatural experience stories of Rowe, scientifically true or no. I love the feeling of it all.

Deep breath and deeper smile. It's a beautiful feeling. One of those feelings that just permeates and settles in the body and mind and possibly soul. I love Rowies.

Rowe was a time of wonder. This conversation reminded me. Ah, Mila, beautiful...
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[. Leaving .]

Officially packing up the laptop!

That means I'm really going home!

Teeheee. Mum woke me up a second ago. I'm on just-woke-up high heebiejeebie things.

Giggles. I'ma go back ta sleep in another second! In the car. With my little Snoopy sleep mask and my rainbow-spotted blanky and my little Care Bear Bedtime Bear.

Yawn. Nighty nighty!
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[. Home again! .]

I be home! The drive was excellent. I thought and dreamed instead of sleeping. Superb. Music. <3

I saved my Hermione Bang story that is no longer my Hermione Bang story! I can now call it my Minerva Bang story 'cause I'm not in HB anymore and I get to call it whatever I want. :P And let's face it, it's really all about the McGonagall.

I get to shower and keep working on my room now. That is exciting. I'm in my room.

Awwwr, love.

Snoopy's on break, then working 'til five. That's not bad. Wonder what she's up to and just texted asking. Perhaps this could inspire me to really put my bootay in gear!

With dancing. Because music, music is still love. As is my body moving. I love music and my body!
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