July 12th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Glug glug .]

I slept 'til morning-time, waved Grampa and Memere off, slept until two again. Lazy day. Trip to days with Dweeb and Da.

We came back to an invasion. A mother-invited invasion. She was also completely smashed. I shake my head at the memory.

We all hate how she is when she drinks, at least when she drinks and the depression peeks (or, you know, rams) through.

I got talking with Riko (or somethin') after I spoke with his wife. Riko is an Aggie alumni. Colour me shocked when he said, "I'm an Aggie bum too!" Apparently he was in Coops student class (Coop was my vice principal when I went) and they hated him when he was a student, so they threw him out a window. Yeah, that's why you don't mess with the ag. mech. boys, ya hear?! They have tractors! And three-story buildings for throwing! But we laughed at Kamp Hell slash Kemp Hall, so all was good. And Riko and his wife really liked me.

Kate, Sean's wife, also came, and was equally smashed. Given she's an alcoholic. Oh, Maine, you offer the strangest situations. So I got touched on my head a lot and called adorable and people panted all over me about how wonderful I am--which, you know, normally great and all, not so much with the drunkies. But I was proud of myself for how long I lasted and how positive I stayed.

I just couldn't do it when Mum came back with Kate after Kate had changed clothes. I stayed for a bit more. She started slurring about how wonderful and intelligent and beautiful her daughter was, and she was going to move onto more theatrical topics, so I dipped out to "get a Sprite." That was code for, "I'm getting the hell out of here."

"Getting a Sprite" turned into a three-hour trip with my uncle on his Harley motorcycle into Augusta for smokes and a meal at Wendy's. We talked a lot. It was another nice bonding experience. It rained on the way back, but I still thought it was beautiful. It was icicles against my face and I adored every minute of it.

Motorcycles are also incredibly sexy. They vibrate a lot at low speeds. Shucks, whaddyaknow? Laughter.

I also decided that though I used to be a blonde babe (in training) on the back (or driving) a bike, now that I'm brunette I'm going to go for brunette bombshell. Works for me. I think I look just as good on the back of a bike, if not better. Sultry smile.

Also, today my self-esteem was incredibly high. Random much? It definitely was not due to drunken droolery of my relatives and the Maine Drinkers. Perhaps it was from speaking eloquently (you would never guess from my entry) and zapping out a few one-line zingers at the expense of some of the drinkers. I got a few chuckles from those still able to stand without wind-oriented wobbles.

Dweeb and I are going to try to convince the fam. to let us go on the move tomorrow to get back home. Mum's going to push for Monday, as she has been. Well, she will after she gets over being upset about ditchers (blush) and hangovers (worse). I'd like to have Monday as a full day at home. That would be nice.

We got her Reese's Peanutbutter Cups. She's gotta forgive us. It's the rule of grown-up 14-year-old women and chocolate. A story written through the ages!

I also think I've been reading too much Callica, Calzone and solitary-Erica, because I'm sounding like a weird hybrid between Arizona and Erica. Or maybe I always have been. Shrugs. As long as I can have some Snark with my Silly, I'm alright. G'night, folks!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Republicans .]

Sometimes my mind explodes.

Like when I talk to a friend I used to have in high school who moved to Florida, and we're talking about RENT and being environmental majors and being hippies with our guitars or ukuleles and songs and the forest, and then I look at her Facebook.

And her political views are that she's a Republican Hippie. Which, hey, fine by me, it confuses me a little, but whatever floats your liberal-non-liberal boat. I'm not going to pretend I know politics so I'm not going to pretend I know whether it's an oxymoron or not, 'cause I don't know.

And then I look down and see "Sarah Palin" as a fan page, legitimately, not in jest. And just like I won't pretend to know things, I also won't lie--I get confused. So I'm confused.

I also find it terrible that I forget Republicans exist because I live in such a liberal bubble of life.

But I'm also an ignorant creep who barely knows the difference between Democrats and Republicans, or at least wouldn't be able to list them on my fingers or anything.

My mind is protesting how a super-pretty hippie girl could be a Palin-loving Republican. And then the protest ignites and my mind explodes. So, er, sorry if I got my brains on you. Throw them in the rubbish bin and all is good.

I'm not going to let it make me feel guilty about using Palin in crazy RPF/fiction fic of doom. I refuse. Because I...I am crazy. And someday, when just hearing the word "politics" doesn't bore me into snoozing, I will learn about politics. That day may be tomorrow. But I'm not going to lie (again), it probably won't be. Politics does not run in my family.
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