July 11th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Spacey .]

Remembering a conversation I had with my mother a day or two ago (time totally doesn't really exist in Maine).

Mum: "Or, you could have some woman you love living with you here! And you could be upstairs, guest room downstairs, room for both..."
K: [Sits back and grins.] "I think I'm going to need a Space Woman."
M: "No no no! You can't end up with someone spacey! You're spacey! You need someone who isn't!"
K: [Reigns herself back in from Planet Kiwi.] "What? Oh, no! I don't mean someone spacey, like, Space Cadet, like the Stalleys. I mean, like, a woman who enjoys her space. So we can both go, 'Alright, I need me time now! See you later!' and go to separate rooms. I know I couldn't end up with someone spacey! We'd burn the house down!"

And in conclusion, that is why I cannot end up with an astronaut, and why my girl!crush on Antoinette was doomed from the very start.

Today was nice. I hung with Craig at the beach and, as I am wont to do, chattered too much. But my chattering is more subtle than my mother's, so all is good. Joy was had by most. Noralee was attacked by all the rabid runts (er, children) of the colony when she was peacefully reading on her lazy raft slash comfortable float.

Grampa and Memere leave tomorrow. It was nice having them. Unc's friend Wendy came up. She's very attractive and fun and we fangirled Steve Irwin together, both admitting that we cried when he died. I approve. I hope my uncle hooks up with her now that she's over being upset with her divorce, or as over divorces as people get without long expanses of time.

I had an amazing Community Talk with the girls at erica_leaves. I sort of started a harem for two of the amazing writers there. Because as a role, I tend to take on the Court Jester. Grins perversely. The silly little girl who prances around being somehow snarky and quirky and perky all at the same time! Lots of jokes about harems and taking over the world with smut and many other fun things. I had a darling time.

I made it through all the Calzone. I finally changed my profile layout so I like it! Fancy that, after six years on the site. Shakes head and smiles wryly.

I think I'm going to head to sleep soon. Feels strange that starting Sunday I have to join the real world again. That's frightening.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Mother Cupid .]

Also, it seems that my mother is bringing up future love interests a lot.

I suspect she is noticing my lack of action in the romance field! Ohnoes!

I think she is impatiently waiting for her little girl to fall in love. :P

Snork. Well, if she would set me up with someone, maybe that would happen! I'd trust my mother's picks!
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