July 3rd, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Plugs .]

Toast came. We watched Repo and it was excellent, we had a good time.
We were joking and acting like goons. It was beautiful.
We put in Doctor Who.
Toast's phone rang. It sounded serious. I couldn't find the way to turn off Doctor Who.
She came back in and I felt the atmosphere of the room turn over before I looked at her and knew she was about to break down. I held her on the couch.
We split ways and I turned off Doctor Who. Rubbed her back. Told her I was taking her home.
She played Ani DiFranco as I drove her home. I squeezed the crook of her arm as we drove and kept myself from crying.

Apparently three specialists looked at her aunt and all deemed she wasn't present anymore. There's talk of pulling the plug.
Toast can't believe it and she's saying that the neurologists at that hospital are known for being idiots. As much as I would like to agree, the way she's described her aunt and how things went down, and the fact that there are three doctors of that opinion...I just want the hunch to be wrong.
She said, "People come out of them. People come out of comas all the time, even when the doctors don't think they will. How could anyone even think of pulling the plug?"

We gave each other butch hugs when I brought her home and I gave her arse a squeeze to make her laugh, 'cause I knew that's how she'd want to part.
I played loud happy music on the way home because I needed to stay together and stay out of my dark place. Snoopy called and I told her what was going on.

Now I'm home. This is Toast's aunt, like a second mother to her. Chiral centre of her family. Please keep the family and Toast's aunt in your heart and mind. Thank you.
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