July 2nd, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Eventful .]

Wednesday night I started feeling well enough to go out, which I wanted to do because we've been planning to do that for a long time and I wanted to go out at least once before I went off on holiday.
(-) Toast and Neo (who needs a new nickname now that she doesn't believe in sex "with one true love" now) had to drop.
(+) I got my hair straightened.
(+) The ride there was loads of fun.
(+) I took videos. (-) Not many pictures. I'm more of a video girl for memories.
(-) There was a creepy guy in a mask who kept standing near us and not moving and it was very creepy.
(-) I didn't like quite a bit of the music 'cause I guess I've been spoiled by the Southern England goth scene, which I adore.
(+) Katie and Ash went up to get whipped and shite.
(+) Baron showed up with his friend Aleia and others, and she did the taped-nipple thing.
(+) Eventually I got hot enough that I decided to ditch my shirt too, and then Snoops asked if I was doing the nipple thing, so I said sure why not and Baron taped my nips. I had a lot more fun.
(-) A creepy guy kept hitting on me (until witnessing hairy pits) and Snoops, but I have far too much fun turning people down.
(-) Once again she was "the hot one," but I shouldn't be offended 'cause he was a creepy guy. And I AM hot! And I can move my hips and arse just as well as Snoopy can!

Then we followed Baron's group to Cumbies, got slushies and went back to Aleia's friends house for skinny dipping, which me and Baron obviously pushed for. Because we like being naked way too much.
(+) It was so nice to go swimming.
(+) I was the first one completely naked, Aleia followed and then everyone else but one girl, who was on the pad anyway rather than stringin' it.
(+) Chicken was funny to watch. (-) I didn't join in for some reason. I didn't want to "mount a boy" but if I had been on Baron's team we probably would have destroyed everyone. :P
(+) We played Marco Polo and eventually I stopped playing 'cause I'm pretty much completely impossible to catch. Baron told me he never even tries to go after me, haha.
(-) My ears hurt like a beech when I dove, which I am so sick of. Stupid pressure stuff. I am a super swimmer! Why do I have these problems with my body that keep me back from things I love?

Snoops drove me back to my place and I followed her in the Subaru.
(+) Driving for the first time again in a while was amazing, especially during a storm 'cause I love taking my time and being extra alert. I love stormy weather.
(-) I couldn't find the iPod-playing cassette thing. (+) Da gave it to me today, it had been behind his bed.
(+) We were very wet but got dry and warm back at Snoops'.
(+) Watched Better than Chocolate, which I love.
(-) Toast did not call, as she had promised, for the third time. I finally got cross. (+) She called at 3 p.m. to say she was sick but had a ride and may stay over now that she's doing better. (+) She's bringing Repo if she does.
(+/-) Sleep was alright.

Came home and talked with Mum about the ear. Set up an ear appointment, took a quick shower and we were off.
(+) I don't have swimmer's ear (I didn't think so, that's not why I wanted to go).
(-) Dr. Henry doesn't know why my ears do the deep diving pressure thing in the Eustachian tube, especially given that nowadays planes don't do anything to my ears and they're all on the pressure too.
(-) There was a doctor there with terrible bed-side manners giving me tips that I already knew, and I couldn't summon up the will to be entirely appreciative, just patronised and put down.
(+) It was nice seeing Dr. Henry and Judy. He hadn't seen me in forever and loved the accent. He was impressed with me.
(+) He made a comment about surgeons requiring huge egos to cut into people and knowing they're doing the right thing. It made me laugh and think of Grey's. Bunch of big-headed baboons!

Came home and I'm zapped. Completely fried. Grammie's coming over for dinner tonight and between time constraints and the fact that we don't want to buy more food right before we head off on holiday, Mum's just going to order something in, probably.
(-) Makuchan's off to Bobby's and wouldn't let me take one second to drop the stuff at her house that she promised to come get after Christmastime. So that will have to rot in the car another half a month.
(-) I have to pack tonight.
(+) Snoops gave me amazing skirts, and I think the black and red one she made with the fabric I gave her is my favourite skirt in the entire universe, no lie. I think it is my new favourite article of clothing ever, and I keep wanting to just constantly hug my legs. I have the best JFF (Jewish Friend Forever) / Person in the world. Duh. (Love, your BFF / British Friend Forever <3).
(+) For the moment I can go curl up in bed with my book and possibly fall asleep a moment.
(-) I really, really have to finish writing my Hermione Bang, especially given I didn't get a response from yesterday's email. But thank heavens I've got tomorrow too.
(+) I found Sims 2. Which could be amazing or entirely catastrophic.
(+) I really needed to be out and around with my adventurous friends, because I'd missed that. There's a certain part of me that gets to come out when I'm around them that has to stay tucked away in the cellar of my brain when I'm talking to my more academic school-related friends, the Lauras and the like. I love them and they're great. But I definitely like letting my little mischievous, confident, the-world-is-mine-for-the-taking feline self out.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. There You Go .]

Quote of the day:

Kiwi: "I went swimming last night."
Mum: "Last night? What she means is around 3 a.m..."
K: "Well, hmm, alright, I went swimming today. Early."
Dr. Henry: "Mmm. In my experience, it always seems that swimming that occurred at that time usually happened without clothing."
M: "Well, I wouldn't have been wearing clothing."
K: "I am back from college after all!"

There was much laughter everywhere.

Also, my grandmother has long stories about small things.

But she did tell me that once when I was very small she fixed my sweater when I was getting out of the car and said, "There you go." So for the rest of the day whenever I fixed my clothing I said, "There you go."

Now I can't stop imagining little-girl Kiwi strolling around tugging down her jumper and announcing, "There you go."

There you go.
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