July 1st, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Pug Storm .]

My fever broke. I just have a cold now. Yay!

I finished Anansi Boys. Eeeiii, squee, I finished a book!

I will not let the fact that people are comparing MA to Forks WA and wishing Edward were here ruin storms for me. Shakes head over and over. No way! I am keeping my love for vampire-baren New England storms! If anything, I'll compare it to Grey's in my head and with Arizona and Callie were here, delighted laughter.

But mainly I just love storms.

Last night.
Mother: "And ten years down the road, you're going to be with some beautiful intelligent girl, and you're going to stop her and tell her..."
Kiwi: "Please do NOT let it be the 'I'm straight' thing."
M: "No, worse."
Kiwi: "...I had a pug when I was a teenager?"
M: "Close. You will have to tell her, 'I'm sorry, but I need a pug. I had a pug when I was younger, and I need a pug now.' And she won't know what to do. And what will you do?"
K: "Say, 'If you love me you'll let me get a pug?'"
M: "And then will come the big question. What colour?"
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