June 30th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Yay friends! .]

11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? kiwi is a joy to have as an lj and twitter friend. she's always bright and chipper, and the random updates are a nice refresher in times of stress.

From smileyfacesuper! Awwwr!

People make me happy. <3. Which is good. Because I am needing the happy!

I am quite sick. Fevered, very. Sipping apple cider vinegar and honey water. It tastes icky! But it helps me feel a bit better. It smells stinky. Even Mugz won't go near it. He goes "snuff snuff, huffle huffle, pfft" and treks off. Normally he'd stick his whole face in it.

There is a random man in my house. In my attic. I am afraid to go to the loo because I feel I would have to put a bra on or a t-shirt over my white beater. But it's too hot and I am lazy!

Crosses legs. I really have to peeeee. Random man, thank you for helping us with the mildew on our ceiling (I think? or fans?) but the sick daughter of the household really needs to piddle!

Squiggles around in bed. That is all for now. Oh! I need to email the Hermione Bang people and tell them I'll be delayed, and hope I'll still be allowed in. I think fever is an unforeseeable problem! And I've already got 15k and the rest of it planned out!

Alright that's it I'm ninjaing my way to the loo!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Philosophy .]

Kathy: Ah.
Kathy: Life.
Kathy: (:
Kathy: I sometimes try to tell myself to be more like Maude.
Kathy: It's hard.

My friends are amazing. She said it out of the blue. And now we are discussing Maude's philosophy in life, and how we strive to be like that.

I have been reading Anansi Boys all day. I will probably go downstairs at some point and eat an icecream lolly thing. :P

Because what is being sick for other than sneaking ice cream? Let's be honest here!

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Day Confusion .]

Today I was super sure it was Wednesday, which would mean leaving for Maine tomorrow.

I was also super wrong. I blame it on fevered delirium again.

However, ice cream makes most things better.

I also swore again in front of my mother. She said on the phone, "Oh, and she swears now, too! She didn't used to do that!"

So I've got to knock that off 'cause I don't like swearing. D: And until I got home I wasn't really swearing. What the frak?!

(She also thought I had swine flu. So I've got to take what she says with an ocean of salt.)

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