June 29th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. First Day Out .]

I woke today at noon, which is a normal Kiwi time. Hung around in bed for a half hour. Gave Mum the honey I got her. Showered, which was nice in my bathroom. Hung in my towel with Mum, showed her my hair length (which I'm pretty sure she loves), did my hair in a plait and just had fun. Toast called and said she'd be coming over.

I moved everything 'round in my room so I've got a Dressing Area, a Computing/Hangout Area, and a Sleeping/Reading/Comfort area. Yeah, I like compartmentalisation! Didn't get 'round to packing. Toast came and tackled me; hung out with her and Justin and chatted on the phone with Gramps and Memere.

We went and visited Jas at the mall, it was lovely. Then visited Snoops. We all headed off to Wholefoods eventually and Toast didn't like the food, which was too bad. I found out I can apply online and they've got positions for cashier and produce. Last resort, methinks, since it's a bit away! But yay anyway! Toast and Justin went off to chill with a girl in RI again. Snoops and I headed to her place.

Paul came round and we hung out. Loved it. Was whack. Bit of a problem 'tween Snoops and her boyf Kai that I hope gets sorted and can understand frustration/sadness everywhere, which is always sad. Frowny face.

OH! Snoops and I visited CVS to buy sparkling water and cleaned the vomit smell (hopefully) out of her back seat with baking soda and sparkling water and sponges. Listening to music. And I sexy-danced like I was at a carwash in a bikini, which made me laugh.

Snoops drove me home. We were both knackered and I was in an odd world-keeps-shifted situation. Came back and 'netted a bit (including commenting on Amanda Palmer's blog) and then checked my temp. 101.1d. Coolness. Took a good vitamin and drank and I've got some stuff up here for emergency. I want to beat this thing. I can do it! I will perk it out!

I drooled over the Heelys a girl at the Outlets had. She said, "Look, Mum, they're like a skateboard!" and ran off, used the wheels and swerved all about and I was hugely jealous. They are so snazzy. I've wanted a pair forever. Hopeful face. I will probably wear them and kill myself, but I will worry about that later. I also had like five people throughout the day ask why I wasn't wearing shoes and I responded that they were in my bag. And to the "where are you from?" question I now say, "It's a long story, but London" because it's just freakin' easier!

Favourite quotes:

Kiwi: "You know you have a good friend when she helps you clean the vomit from another friend out of your car."
"Awwr, you have two pictures of you with me on the same shelf as a picture of you with Andrew from Jack's Mannequin! That's a declaration of friendship on par with the vomit cleaning." [As usual, these are paraphrased.]

Kiwi: "I missed you!"
Snoopy: "What? Are you talking to me?"
K: "Yes!"
S: "Ohhh you were looking forward so I thought you were talking to, like, the car...or the drink...?"

Snoopy: [Accidentally] "So the a few weeks ago the other day..." [Paul and Kiwi crack up.]


TDL: Unpack (so I can pack for Maine for Thursday). Finish cleaning/organising/whatever. Wash dog. Brush dog's teeth. Help Mum clean/organise a room of her choice. Scan drawings. Write Hermione Bang.

And now to sleep because I've got a fever and I want to beat this before it really begins so I can go see Kyle tomorrow, 'cause I've missed that kid oodles and oodles!

[Also, Toast and I totally go on and on about Grey's together. And how people have both told us we're like Arizona. And we giggled about how we could never date/have sex, because that just so wouldn't work. And them more random Grey's babble, which is amazing, and we are going to have to watch some of it together this summer. And Justin is obsessed with Xena. I am so set for the television viewing this summer! And Big Gay Sketch Show! And L Word! And yay, this is heaven! Joy!]

And it felt so good to be driving around with teenagers in my old hometown area again, blaring musing and singing out the window and pointing out places where things happened and where I'm excited to go again. I feel totally Kiwish. It's loverly.
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[. Sickness and Health, or not .]

I do not approve of being sick. Fooooo!

Am patiently waiting for my father to return home with a thermometer and good stuff to gargle.

The problem with drinking a lot of water is that it makes me need to pee. I do not approve of bladderly functions either. Glares.

I am getting back in bed and pretending the world doesn't exist. Fwee! Deliiiiiriummmmm.

I wish I were tired.
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[. Delirious Q&A .]

Ganked from the lovely procrastinating lizadizzle. [For once I am not procrastinating, because I am sick and if I tried to do something important I would probably mess it up or mess me up. Actually probably both.]

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Half hour till I have to do the apple cider vinegar gargle again. Laughter. It's so weird.
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[. Differences that Don't Change .]

I love the differences between me and my brother.

Almost every time I give my room a serious clean, I change around the location of most of my stuff. I like variety and making my room a new and exciting place every time. Redecorating.

He prefers to keep his room the same and messy, comfortably so for him. He hasn't changed his room since he got it as his own, I'm pretty sure. And if it was changed it was instigated by my parents.

It just made me smile. We're very different people. We get along.

I think I'm going to try to unpack my clothes now, or at least a few before I have to gargle again! Sailor Moon here I come! Snorts.
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