June 28th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I made it.
Took a taxi with Doreen and Irish.
Caught the RailAir coach no problem, picked the right terminal (3).
Got my bags done and didn't need the e-ticket after all 'cause I had the US passport.
Napped a bit in one of the seating areas, and it wasn't quality but it was restful.
Went to the boarding area, got on the flight, was sleep.
Crying baby was the worst of it but not too bad. Slept a lot.
Watched Gremlins. I am so Gizmo! <3 I love Gizmo so very very much. :3 I be a gremlinnn.
Was the last person around baggage reclaim, which was a bit miffing. Soreness.
Greeted the fam and it was lovely. Right back into family life.
Tea at Applebees. Have leftover buffalo chicken which I am so stoked for. I have missed buffalo sauce. They don't do it in England.
Stopped by Grammie's to greet her and get her old phone. Hoping I can switch with Da and keep the number I've had for 7 years for one last summer.

Greeted Mugz, who remembers me. :] My little baby pug, who is not a baby at all. Smelly adult who needs bathing and teeth-brushing and lots of walks.
My room is different but I like it, I've just got some things to move around and some cleaning to do and the rest of my unpacking and organising and getting rid of things.
Watched Transformers with the family. Too much action for me but it was fun with the family. Right back into family life--we spend so much time in front of that projector screen watching films and TV shows on DVD.
Snoopy came near the end. Hung around with Mum talking about menstrual cups, because we are excellent and I have fabulous friends who aren't awkward about that stuff.

Upstairs Snoops was on the laptop while I was organising and going through stuff.
She looked at jobs for me on craigslist, which made me grin.
We joked and chatted and did our separate things, and I gave her some random stuff.
It was really nice to go straight back to where we left off--able to be socially solitary, sort of. Doing our own tasks but doing them in a together way and being there together. It was just really nice.
Hoping she can get the vomit smell out of her car from her friend's over-drinking, so it stops bothering her.
Hoping to see her tomorrow evening after work, head on over there. I hope I get to see Toast before I leave for Maine with the fam! I called her today and accidentally woke her up.

Tomorrow the plan is to finish going through things and making a rough give-away pile, clean surfaces and areas that need cleaning, unpack and decorate my room. Then clean the Subaru a bit at least by organising Dweeb's stuff into neater collections. Hopefully bathe the dog if it's warm enough. Hang with the fam some. Write some Hermione Bang. See what else needs to be done. Go visit Snoops and retrieve fun stuff and help remove vomit smell!

Nice to be back. Too many insects with the open window, but it's hot and I need the air. Will have to find a way to keep the insects out.

I'm off to sleep. Been awake more than 24 hours not including the not-real-naps I've had!
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