June 25th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Storage .]

Today was good. I had breakfast with Harry and Matt. I went down for a nap. Matt came in and woke me up for a hug before he left.

I had another lazy day but it was wonderful. Finished another section of a fanfiction and read through some other fic. Did a bit of packing. Uploaded writing. Played a bit of uke.

Said goodbye to Ben. Hung out with Batgirl, who is now also not pleased with Sass. Nor is Alishia. So it seems only Harry and Batgirl are really talking with Sass, Batgirl is not pleased with her and Harry has now finally rejected her and told her he as no interest in dating her. It's said to be because she's "not Christian enough" but the lot of us have just shrugged and concluded that deep down it's 'cause Sass can be very mean. We don't really speak, though, so all is good. She hasn't dared to bait me yet. I'm waiting.

Tinboy came up and visited. We have a solution for our storage! Apparently our two rooms (top floor) of the house are empty. So Friday afternoon we're going to pitch in and get a taxi together to bring our stuff over and store it. That's relieving 'cause it means I don't have to work so hard on limiting my bag use--I can slip things into plastic bags and the like. All is good.

I should get more done before I go to sleep but I'm tired and tempted to try sleeping. Save the rest of my TDL for tomorrow.

So close to being home. Makes me smile.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Writer's Block: All-Nighter

When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

Ahhahhah. Was it Tuesday night? I don't even know, all these days are the same day! I was reading and writing and drawing and doing fun stuff. I wanted to have one last all-nighter in Windsor just for fun, given I had so many for work and the like.

It was nice!

I stay up all night all the time. I am such a night-owl.

I told Andrew today, "It's not like I'm just sleeping until [3 p.m.]! I go to sleep really late, wake up for breakfast, stay awake a bit, and go back to sleep!" He replied, "You are so nocturnal!" and laughed. I informed him that kiwibirds are nocturnal too.

So there. My namesake is active at night, so am I! :D

I am also debating on whether I should take a shower. I want to take one tomorrow so I don't have to Saturday. Hmm, hmm. Quite a bit of packing to do today. Blech I say!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. Random Dance! .]

I have decided that I am one of the most adorable people I know, regardless of how conceited that is. :P

I just got an email from my mother and it was all proud and I jumped back from the computer and did a whole "Yay Mummy's proud of me!" dance with many "whee" and "oh oh!" sounds and twirls and jumps and arm movements.

And then I stopped and laughed and laughed. Yeah, giggles, NOT quite so grown up. But I don't think I'll ever get beyond the drop-and-give-me-a-random-dance stage of adulthood. (Because, uhm, who wants to?!)

I am super happy! I'm going to go have tea. And I will not let terrible food get me down! Because I have joy!

(Also, the mood list needs to have "elated" and "joyful!")
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