June 24th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. We are a big happy family of Aggie stars, to the delirious mind of a woman .]

I went through my personal pouch of stuff today--stuff I got in university. Sorted it into cards and letters and the like. Some of it I put in my special box of communications.

One thing I found:

“Hi Kiwi,

I just hung up from the admissions folks at the university. Alix Delany is the admission person we need to deal with. She is “on holiday” until Tuesday. On Tuesday, I will fax her the curriculum we use for Biology II. She will review it and determine if it will meet their requirements. If it doesn’t you will need to take a college biology course this fall. On Wednesday I will call again and hopefully speak to Alix personally. I want her to put in writing EXACTLY what they need so there is no confusion or miscommunications at application time.

You are one extraordinary young woman Kiwi girl. Stay strong, get that hip moving and keep up the good fight. You have been in my thoughts and prayers all summer.

Ms. Murphy”

From my old principal. She retired with my year.

I think I would have loved her more if she hadn't been a crazy psycho beech. But definitely gives off the Small School Mentality.

I don't even remember what we used to call her now. Such a terrible Aggie student I am. Aggie Star, sarcastically? Or McFamily? Princey-pal?

I remember the speeches: "You are all my Aggie stars! We are all one big family!" and Abby'd be flipping her the bird behind a notebook, the flori girls would be batting lashes as the arbor boys and the landscape boys would trade conspiratorial looks with the mechanics boys, planning what move would next bring them into Coop's office. My oddball group would half the time be skipping the speech and the other drawing or writing with no attention front and foremost. Canine and equine girls exchanging ironically catty conversations. Family. Yeah, well, I guess we're all allowed to be a bit dysfunctional.

But it made me laugh and smile. I did have some good moments with my old Princey Pal.

Mainly I remember her running away from Laura's Mum and being incapable of correctly calculating GPA while also not accepting help from the maths teachers.

Giggles. Oh, Aggie. You are a most peculiar set of years in my past. Hope you enjoy your last day with students for a while, tomorrow! Teachers will be hanging around for a bit. I'll come visit you for a solitary walk about. See how the pond takes to my uke.

Back to doing stuff now!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. First-Year Undergrad .]

Things I wrote on my notes:

"[Professor] would make a good canary or parrot."
"Gehhh...break over. I AM A BANANA! (My spoon is too big.)"
"Cancer-causing bla blah. My paper is getting CANCER! No signalling! It won't stop! CANCERRR. [dot dot dots everywhere.]"
"Inhibitor. Random words. Something turned on. Biology = the science of organic sexually frustrated chemicals."
"He smiles as if we're enjoying this, as if 3/4ths of us are not asleep."
"Jesus Transduction Pathway: God -> clouds -> rain -> oceans -> Nemo -> children's brains -> Evangelists -> dinner -> pasta. God = Flying Spaghetti Monster. Me = Pastafarian." [[OKAY, WTF?!]]
"Blahblahpeptideblahblah I'm a monkey in a pink tutu blahblahchemistry."
"Doesn't he get dizzy walking in circles and flapping his arms at everything?"
"Mrs. Cooper was better."
"Do additional reading. Read in strange accent. Be less bored than with [Professor]."

Conversation!notes: "I stealz his coffeeeeee." "Has he actually managed to drink any?" "Not that I witnessed. I've been watching." "As have I!"

Quote from a cool professor: "One has the idea that eukaryotes were written by Microsoft."

I have a pile of stuff I may recycle. I've kept a lot of what has my notes all over it (I like reminders later in life of my sense of humour combined with my work ethic) but the piles of paperwork just aren't worth keeping. Nowadays it's easier to take one minute to look things up on the internet than it is to go find stuff in old notes. So much of our courses were based online anyway.

Glad to be at least starting to think about packing early. Going to load up my trunk I think. But the stuff I've written on lectures has really entertained me.

What an interesting first-year undergrad I must have been.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. I'd prefer Madonna in a Lacy Thong .]

The girls are back on the floor playing really loud music and screeching. My head exploded.

I went down to Batgirl. "Loving the music or what?" She pointed to her speakers blaring metal and turned it up. I told her, "I am so going to do that. Right now."

Came back to my room. Put on "I'm a Lesbian," the parody by Melissa Ferrick, full volume. Highly entertained.

It's times like these that I remember putting the silver lining to things in university makes things soooo much better.
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