June 16th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. deep throat a glass dildo .]

It's half three. I planned to go to sleep early tonight.

And then Amanda Palmer happened. But it was so worth it.

She did her livestream auction tonight. I made her laugh and read my tweet about "I see the wine is out, this must really be on" or something and she referenced it later.

During one of the times she was answering questions, she picked out mine. Question was something like, "What is your opinion of Marmite? Are you a Lover, a Hater or a rare Apathetic?" and she answered it with an amazing story. About her British nanny who tricked her into thinking it was fudge and taking a lot and now she can't even smell it. So she said she detests it, and basically flipped it off.

Which means...I got flipped off by Amanda Fucking Palmer livestream on the Internet. And it blew my mind and my heart and soul and life. It was amazing. Ruddy fantabulous brilliant epic awesomeness of love.

It was just an amazing night altogether. It makes me want to write a song about the whole event. I doubt I could ever remember enough of it to make the song fit.

Regardless, freaking brilliant, and I'll sleep soon. Chatting with Lindsay. Didn't know she was a huge Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer fan. Will have to remember that and send her in the right direction when cool shite is going down.

P.S. The title? She auctioned off a glass dildo she bought almost a decade ago at a fetish festival in Boston. She nommed it at $200. When it got to $500 she deep-throated it. Twice. It was amusing times ten.
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